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  1. I think the answer is what can you create from this carnage? Nearly everything you wrote can be said the same for "white" media, newspapers, etc. Is it worse for us; yes. But that trend is nothing new. However, entrepreneurism is greatest during the downturn not the boon. Things have changed and will continue to do so. How do you foster a new economy now that the cheese has (and continues to) move?
  2. Now following many African-American/Black/Caribbean history professors. Feeling guilty about falling behind in my #blackhistorymonth posts.

  3. Watching "The Forgiven" (Short Film) http://t.co/ZY06sJvc via @filmannex

  4. Who's your 'boo? @audioboo ! Stumbled upon this site today. If I had more of a radio voice; I'd 'boo daily!

  5. Just launched beta version of Combinations Martial Arts & Fitness Academy website. See before and after pictures... http://t.co/LU7YgKRm

  6. HAAAaaail Noooooo! Way to go #BigBlue #Giants

  7. http://t.co/SPDo4S8l @SettepaniNYC made cake to help celebrate AKA & DST Founders' Days during #ToWhomMuchIsGiven book trailer shoot.
  8. Just finished watching and retweeting a few book trailers I like.

  9. Early 2012: #ToWhomMuchIsGiven book/trailer, redibis relaunch, edit book on The Moors, edit 2 children's books... interesting year ahead.

  10. VIDEO: Watching @jsmooth995 (aka @illdoc ) TED Conference talk on race. "What are you?" LOL. http://t.co/yQ1Mj72T #illdoctrine

  11. Me too. We all need this! Thanks for the blessing.

  12. Interestingly, blackplanet.com's Alexa ranking is higher than all, including blackenterprise.com and essence.com. However, who actually goes there on a regular basis? Perhaps it is still popular within the online dating service areas.
  13. Correction. Rahiel is from Eritrea. Her bio: http://www.urbancusp.com/about/rahiel/
  14. It seems that Interactive One is the online division of Radio One, which, I am guessing, would mean that Black Planet is still majority Black owned. Seems a bit convoluted as Interactive One also claims thegriot.com and admits that the Griot is a division of NBC. So.... does that mean that part ownership of Interactive One also may be NBC? I have no idea. Here's the article: http://interactiveone.com/press/
  15. The editor of Urban Cusp is of Ethiopian descent and is based out of the Washington, DC area. She is @RahielT on Twitter. She does her best to have reporters write and webcast original stories and opinions. The first author being released from my company, Cecilia Capers, has written for UC. That is how I learned about them. However, I like them because they are not following popular trends. It is one of the best sources for original black news.
  16. I think I retweet @Melissa_Foster the most because I need to catch up on all the resources she's proviing via @WoMensLitCafe .

  17. Almost finished the replacement site for my original Red Ibis website. Goodbye tech organization. :-( http://t.co/RQi077uJ Hello publishing!

  18. Ugh... Need to get back to my website redesign. Nice Twitter Water Cooler Discussion break with @aalbc about black websites @BlackInAmerica

  19. I'm in!! Difficult since many of the originally owned black sites are now no longer majority black owned and those that are black owned are "not popular." 1. theroot.com - most traffic but majority owned by The Washington Post 2. netnoir.com - first black internet news portal. No longer as popular or active. 3. blackplanet.com - was more popular when its founder and owner Omar Wassow was at the helm 4. Black Voices - the AOL portal reincorporated into The Huffington Post (AOL); not as popular as The Root but its origins were black founded. 5. Urbancusp.com - not highly trafficked but black owned and with original content. However, since formerly once owned black sites don't count; we're left with Urbancusp.com and, I believe, Netnoir.com is black owned again. Hmmm.... this is difficult.
  20. 6 Chambers Vblog from Jan. 13th provides some insight into #ToWhomMuchIsGiven Behind The Scenes: http://t.co/VlhNxwJt @C2esq

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