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  1. Her mom did teach her, though, "Don't let them tell you you're not black." i find this remark very interesting coming from an afro-cuban woman...i honestly didnt know any of them had enough black-consciousness or identified with thier blackness enough to teach this to their children
  2. taking on endevors such as this will do a great deal to make our communities more self sufficient and self-sustaining, take us back to our original way of life before we turned all of our power over to big business and the government. it will bring back the bartering system which our ancestors survived on for thousands of years long before money became a supposed "nessesity"
  3. On this saturday from 8-12 Houstons' ecotoneurban farm will host a farmers market. As a community one of the best ways to go back to our original/ indigenous way and take back our power from big businessis to support local farmers markets (and even better support our black owned farmers markets). Ecotone urban farm is located on the corner of st charles and holman street. This farm is a black owned non-profit organizationthat i volunteer for and regularly collaborate with. It was started by a lady Named Chef Tarsha who is in collbaroation with Deloyd Parker's s
  4. why is it that when i stick my head back in here i catch someone pretending to be me using my old screenname "misty"? i use to post here alot a few years ago. just letting you all know that the "misty" person isnt the original misty. i dont know why someone felt the need to portray me for whatever sick reason
  5. Ok, whoever that "misty" person is that is not the original misty. someone is using my old screen name and pretending to be me. i jsut decided to pop in and see what was going on and saw someone pretending to be me for whatever sick reason....why someone would feel the need to do that i dont know..i rarely post anymore and the last time i posted was about 4 or 5 months ago.
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