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  1. The Grace of Silence by Michele Norris. The author weaves a compelling portrayal of quiet dignity and strength personified in both her parents. In the process, she reveals her own transformation and reminds of the sacrifice and hope of ancestors. An excerpt from the conclusion of the introduction reads "Our parents felt we needed to know only so much. No time for tears. No yearning for sympathy. You see, you can't keep your eye on the prize if your sight is clouded by tears. How can you soar if you're freighted down by the anger of your ancestors?". Though this memoir contains a few very short lapses of unexciting detail, overall it is topically compelling and many will find it easy to relate.

    In His Own Voice: The Dramatic and Other Uncollected Works of Paul Laurence Dunbar by Paul Laurence Dunbar. Rare collection from some of his lesser known works.

    The Strategic President: Persuasion and Opportunity in Presidential Leadership by George C. Edwards III. An historical analysis of results-oriented presidential leadership.

  2. "...pulse on the gritty street of our big cities." That is cute breathebooks. ;)

    There was one person ahead of me when I votes this time around. When Barack was on the ticket there were perhaps hundreds of eager and patient voters ahead of me. Barack needed the votes during the midterm election just as much; but he failed to inspire the Black electorate. This was not just in the underbelly of our urban ghettos but in suburban enclaves and bucolic countrysides as well.

    While we agree that it one prerogative to vote any way they see fit. You have to agree that voting without considering the candidate's experience and qualifications could lead to disappointment when that missing experience becomes evident.

    Do YOU honestly feel think Barack was "vastly" superior to Hillary Clinton?

    Troy - lesson learned. I think I will take my little verbal toys and go home until such time as I may be ready to both offer and aggressively defend a POV. Right now, it is not productive for me to publicly defend the POTUS, or how I vote (or for whom and why), or to trade barbs with anyone. I appreciate this forum overall, and will look for other areas to contribute.

  3. @breathebooks, your link supporting your assertion that Barack "supported HBCUs" indicated that he merely renewed an initiative started by the Carter administration and supported by the Bush administration. While I guess that is a good thing it is a pretty weak indication of how Pres. Obama is making a difference.

    The budget was increased about 5%. Also, some of the HBCU's are experiencing an acceleration of funding for various projects.

    I don't know how many people you spend time around compared to myself (I would however suspect I have you bet), but don't hear too many people talking about how inspired they are by Barack nowadays.

    You likely do have me beat with regard to the pulse on the gritty street of our big cities. The same individuals were likely not particularly inspired about their particular personel situations before either.

    breathebooks, do you really believe Black folks voted on Barack because of his platform. Black people spilled out in great numbers because it was an opportunity to put a Black man in the white house.

    It is their privilege to use their vote in that manner. Some also viewed him as vastly superior to all other candidates.

  4. breathebooks can you describe the support for the HBCU's?

    White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities

    As far as inspiring youth. Are you serious? Have you been in a classroom lately. Have you been on the streets of any inner city neighborhood?

    I do hear inspired youth at church, the barber, and in the homes. Not as much in the streets themselves.

    You are right, how could I forget Valerie. But not a single Brother -- why can't it be 5 brothers?

    Five brothers was not ever part of the platfrom he ran on.

    More significantly lets look at Barack's lily white (virtually) cabinet cabinet This "pales" in comparison to even Dubya who had Roderick Paige, Alphonso Jackson, Colin Powell, and Condoleeza Rice

    It is possible that these were the best selections he could make to try and achieve his stated goals. The available pool of resumes of the best, brightest, and most experienced are not chocked full of brothers. We have to change that!

    So if Barack gives a few dollars of tax payer's money to a few struggling HBCU's and if he has inspired some Black youth -- that is just great. Because at the end of the day, Black folks have not caught this much sh-t since before 1865.

    Disagree. Reconstruction, Harlem Renaissance period, Jim Crow, and the civil rights era are but a few very tough time themselves.

    So when people see Wall Street being given damn near a trillion dollars to save their butts and now folks are talking about eliminating the home mortgage deduction to pay for huge deficits. You can understand why Black folks are just a little be uninspired by Mr. Obama lately...

    That was ugly for certain. Cleaning up a mess is ugly business that no one wants to do.

  5. ...There is really nothing that Black folks can point to that Barack has done to benefit us directly...

    Specific support for HBCU's and inspiration (especially) to our youth. I can think of a few more if I must. Granted some would not be only beneficial to AA.

    It is not like Barack is even hooking the Brothers up on his own staff Mona Supthen I think is the only Black person...

    Mona Supthen and Valerie Jarrett. Two out of five, and women at that. And effectually, the First Lady.

  6. I've been a lurker for a while and recently joined this forum. This is as good as any thread to jump in. Debating is not the primary reason why I come to this board. I enjoy reading and like to read what others say about books they know about. I have a sense of humor and enjoy a good natured joke or sarcasm. I avoid ill will and mean-spiritedness.

    Ideas abound in my head, but typically only the well formed make it to the keyboard. The socioeconomic state of america, specifically the black subset, is diverse and evolving so I try not to encapsulate too much.

    So there you have the initial input of someone stepping off the sidelines.

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