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  1. Hey Waterstar, you are aware aren't you, that this is Cynique's Corner? Seriously though, I understand your point Waterstar. My take is that you can expect to have your posts challenged and/or questioned on this discussion board. Concurrence is typically less interesting. This "feature" of the board is not intended to discourage. If misunderstood or misquoted try considering it part of a process. And remember, if you are explaining yourself, you are probably not YET affecting some of your audience as intended.
  2. I see beautiful people. I see, in the background, deplorable living conditions. I see wonderful colors, smiles, dancing, faces, and hope. I see happiness against overwhelming odds. I see people who look like people in my community. I see similarities to the video entertainment prevalent in the USA.
  3. I enjoy reading most of your posts on this board Waterstar. What little I know of Randall Robinson I admire. In 2000 I picked up a copy of Defending the Spirit: A Black Life in America. After moving, it ended up in storage before I had read it completely. I'm going dust it off. This reminds me of the loose characterization of southern versus northern "people". The saying goes that in the south people let you know right up front if they hate you. Sophisticated northerners are less transparent.
  4. Palin was a relative unknown. With the initial basic VP scrutiny she did poorly and that earned her additional scrutiny (piling on). It snowballed on her. Weakened, and in defense of her poor performances, all she could do was take the right's arguments of blaming the media. She does not deserve sympathy for any of this.
  5. A McCain/Powell duo may have provided some of what you would have preferred. And maybe a Hillary/? dou would have as well.
  6. I may have to dust of my old copy of My American Journey. This unimpressive autobiography of General Colin Powell (CP) was not the most compelling or exciting ever written. Would CP implement the Powell Doctrine? CP has been known to compromise and negotiate with opponents. For what it is worth, CP does inspire confidence during public appearances, but the sausage making process is done primarily behind closed doors. And it is political by nature. CP originally financially supported John McCain for President. And CP was being touted as a running mate for McCain. Shortly before the election CP changed his mind and announced his endorsement for candidate Obama. At the time, CP publicly regretted disappointing McCain. CP has offered criticisms of the President Obama. And Mrs. CP does not want 74 year old CP to ever run for president. IDGI? I resent birthers and the "I want him to fail" crowd (Limbaugh, McConnell). And I'm disappointed with the people who everyday act as if today is opposite day, that game children play. Everything the president says, oppose it, say the opposite or simply say no or disgree with it. It is Frank Luntz word doctoring in full manifestation.
  7. I am now succesfully sobered regarding the "mess" your would-be son inherited. General Powell is certainly beloved, but are his politics what we need? Regarding the underlined portion of your quote above, I'm unclear. Anarchy as in a political ideal, or chaos/disorder? Also, are you saying that successfully implemented political reform will solve the "mess"?
  8. Just started Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom by Ron Paul. Keeps me aware of the latest swill. Granted, it is difficult to read or listen to the views of those trumpeting the virtues of "the good old days". I've argued and debated with those who espouse the varying views of the likes of Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, etc...
  9. The underlined portion of the quote above came across similar to the phrase "She is not like other blacks" or "He is so articulate". As if "impressive" behaviour is or was rare among blacks. That said, the quality of the novel is of greater importance. Would a black reader enjoy reading the novel without previously knowing the race or motivation of the author?
  10. Happy Birthday Ms. Cynique. We are fortunate to have opportunity for access to your outspokenness.
  11. Sobering indeed. A paradox. The "big chess game" ain't fun, especially for the losing player(s).
  12. If elected president, we might then be able to observe what a consumate Democrat would do in office.
  13. Michele Bachmann is awaiting an annointing - “a special anointing on how to put our team together.” Diddy On Obama: Calls Out President, Asks To 'Do Better' For Black People. Similar expectations abound.
  14. It would be very surprising if one of these consumate Democrats were to run for president one day in the future. Newt Gingrich, Contract with America. He should run in 2012.
  15. Are any prospective candidates preferrable over President Obama in 2012?
  16. Thanks for "shining" me on. As for Lewis, it would be interesting if both he and Griggs were to join into this discussion and here supported what they wrote.
  17. Thanks for your list of model Democrats. This helps with understanding "what would [a] democrat do?". Any of the millions of people who self identify as a Democrat. Take your pick. This is a rather limited explanation of the usage of empathize.
  18. That is exactly the point - "acting" like a democrat depends first on a definition. Even with a definition, "acting" is subject to interpretation and misunderstanding. In the context of this discussion, acting would not be a term I would use. However, because it was introduced into the discussion, I would be delighted to learn who acts like a democrat. A well known public figure. Contemporary model preferred. These could be called citizens who trust their elected leader to do his or her best for the entire country. They could be prayerful people or atheist. They could be needy or independent people. Self confident people that are leaders in their own right. American citizens. Empathy has other similar applications. For example, I might be willing a certain level of trust toward someone with whom I believe I understand or can relate to. During good times, I might vicariously share in their happiness or success. During a dilemma, be it one of my own personally, theirs, or one involving the country as a whole, again, I might share in their disposition. Trust grows from the relationship.
  19. Empathy is one of the "root "factors in continued support for the president. We observe that people are willing to trust the president during dilemmas.
  20. I had not read this thread, so I'm late contributing. I'd like to know of any politician past or present who "acts like a Democrat" (per a traceable record), or comes close to meeting that bar.
  21. "President Obama: More Than Meets the Eyes" by Vanessa Davis Griggs closer aligns with my sentiments.
  22. Regarding "Oedipus and Ordinariness: A Meditation on Barack Obama" by Rudolph Lewis. What exactly was it that "we thought we knew and understood before November 2008"? Based on what sources? "We" have refused to acknowledge that racial pride can manifest as myopia? Which we? The nation nor any racial subset are monolithic. Furthermore, how is it that the myopia relates to how "we" misunderstood our President? Incidentally, "excessive racial pride" is redundant. If the Preamble to the United States Constitution is being referred to, well, our less-than-perfect union is centuries in the making. President Obama has had 2 years in office so far, which is less than 1% of the elapsed time since the Constitution was adopted. Indeed, hope, like faith, is somewhat based on insufficient or yet unproven information. And yes, it would be both folly and "beyond reason" to hope/expect wrongly. Genius, maybe. God-like, no. And whose fault is that? Who has attempted to elevate President Obama to sainthood? Is it not presumptuous to ascertain that President Obama has not changed the "context in which he lived"? The above portion ascribes motives and the thoughts and intents of the heart. "Fanciful acts of orating", "dressed in clothes", "career choice meanderings", and "youthful fertile imagination". These phrases clearly reveal animus. You don't say!. How enlightening.
  23. Please do share a link to the article as soon as it is available. Thanks. Larry Elder wanted McCain/Palin in the Whitehouse. Anyone interested in more of what Mr. Elder has to say may follow his regular column on the TownHall.com website. After the 2008 election, Larry Elder revised "Stupid Black Men: How to Play the Race Card--and Lose." [978-0312367336] and changed the title to "What's Race Got to Do with It?: Why It's Time to Stop the Stupidest Argument in America." [978-0312541477]. Unlike many of the newly disaffected, Mr. Elder is among those who from the outset were decidedly against nearly all things Barack Obama. It is interesting to compare and contrast these two camps. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVSwhgpxqis There is no one. Yet.
  24. Similar questions could be leveled in return toward and about Minister Farrakhan: arrogance in meddling in ... [fill in the blank] publicly recommending ... [fill in the blank] look beneath the surface to see who stands to benefit from his comments be careful of the words coming from advisors lobbying him to ... [fill in the blank] Radio and television personality Larry Elder ("The Sage from South Central"), generally agrees with many of the sentiments in this and other threads pertaining to President Obama. The talking points match up well.
  25. Maybe not exactly what you are seeking, but consider the book "Promised Land: Father Divine's Interracial Communities in Ulster County, New York" by Carleton Mabee.
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