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  1. Troy, thanks for bringing up this topic. As a writer, I want to be paid for my work, but I don't expect my book sales to make me a millionaire. Television, film and other media writers get paid for their work, so why shouldn't everyone else? I agree with your comparison between the music industry and the literary industry. They both seem to mirror each other, but we will figure out a way to adapt to these changes. Joseph Lorick Author, "Did Everything But Think: D.E.B.T." http://moneyetiquette.com
  2. After a long and overbearing presidential race, President Barack Obama has been re-elected. We no longer have to wonder who will lead our nation for the next 4 years and all major political campaigning can be put aside for a few years. The president and the DNC ran a great campaign and both should enjoy their victory, but the battle to improve the economy has just begun. Will President Obama be able to lead our nation into economic prosperity? Will congress come together to help improve this nation, instead of playing politics? I believe the answers to these questions are not as important
  3. It's official. As of July 2012, both presidential candidates have combined to raise over one billion dollars for their campaigns and are on pace to reach close to 4 billion dollars. Keep in mind, this does include estimated super PACs funding. Never before have we seen this amount of money raised so quickly for a presidential campaign. Considering the slow growth of our economy and an adjusted unemployment rate above 8%, many people wouldn’t expect to see money raised at this rate. But, should we really be surprised? Many Americans love presidential politics as much as they love professional f
  4. Our parents were being born into this world a little more than 50 years ago. They were the children of Black Americans born three generations after the abolishment of slavery. But thanks to governmental acceptance of the institution of segregation, they remained second class citizens. Being second class citizens, they did not have access to the best schools and were ineligible for many good paying jobs. Our grandparents refused to allow this form of segregation to remain in place and demanded change. They made a choice to fight for this change by any means neccessary. This choice cost some peo
  5. Instead of posting video clips, blogs, and other content related to my book and public speaking; I have decided to put it all on one website. Check it out and check out todays blog! http://moneyetiquette.com/
  6. I know that I put a lot of updates up on here, but I like to share good news. With that said; here is some cheap but effective footage of my last radio show appearance from 07/27...We are working hard to help people escape debt slavery... http://youtu.be/TvN2iKpeaQ0
  7. I love Howard Zinn books. He really got me back into reading.
  8. This title isn't free anymore, but is being offered for $0.99.
  9. Hello All, My newest release, "The D.E.B.T. Annulment: A short guide to nullifying your marriage to debt", is available for free today and tomorrow. Here is the link: http://www.amazon.com/The-D-E-B-T-Annulment-nullifying-ebook/dp/B008LWCFZC/ref=pd_rhf_gw_p_t_1. Enjoy!
  10. These next clips address financial problems within marriages and how to overcome them. There are specific yet practical tips offered for the audience and I am certain this will be something you want to hold on to. Enjoy. http://youtu.be/Ox9HJ5tSOCE http://youtu.be/OJl4H21-Sd0
  11. Thank you for the compliments and I totally agree with you. Overcoming perception is 90 percent of the battle, but the media has a strong grasp on this issue. I try my best to simplfy financial concepts so that anyone from 10 - 80 can understand what it takes to achieve financial freedom and strengthen their community. I will be releasing more video footage featuring the marriage portion of my lecture dealing within the next 48 hours.
  12. Great post, Troy. Like you, I see this problem growing at an alarming rate. While I can't control other people, I will do my part to not add to the problem. The only people we can truly control are ourselves.
  13. Here is some new footage from my most recent financial lecture, "Marriage, Money & Children". http://youtu.be/ISFnZ-86M7s http://youtu.be/yTvwtRaXEqQ
  14. Thanks for having me Troy and yes this was shot at Agape Christian Books Gifts and Music. I will be hosting another lecture there this Friday and will have new footage shortly after.
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