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    Russian literature and culture; Americans and African-Americans in Russia; Russians in America; Russian-American historical relations; Biography; History
  1. This discovery of an unknown novel by Claude McKay is terrific news and a fascinating story; I look forward to reading the novel when it is published. As I posted on my blog, McKay was very important for me in my work on THE BLACK RUSSIAN because he visited the Soviet Union in the early 1920s, or just a few years after the 1917 Russian Revolution. Like other black American writers, intellectuals, artists, and technical specialists who would go to the Soviet Union later, he wanted to examine the great "social experiment" that the new state was conducting, and especially to experience its colo
  2. Thought you might be interested in my book THE BLACK RUSSIAN, which will be published by Atlantic Monthly Press/Grove-Atlantic in March 2013. It's about the remarkable Frederick Bruce Thomas, the son of former Mississippi slaves who became a millionaire theatrical entrepreneur in pre-Revolutionary Moscow and was the first to import jazz to Constantinople, where he died in 1928. There's some more information on my web page: www.valexandrov.com
  3. This is an important speech to remember, especially on Independence Day. I recently posted on a related topic on my blog (which is on www.valexandrov.com) and which is dedicated to things connected with, and circling around, my forthcoming book, THE BLACK RUSSIAN. This is the biography of the remarkable (and largely forgotten) Frederick Bruce Thomas, the son of former slaves in Mississippi who went on to become a millionaire in pre-Revolutionary Moscow and was the first to import jazz to Constantinople in 1919: The New York Times ran an article on its front page yesterday about the
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