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  1. See, Troy This case study goes back to my claim that Black people won't support each other UNLESS we market our products with such grandiose in order to draw them in Clara had to say her store was the LARGEST Black owned store in order to draw a crowd We have a bad habit with equating success with branding instead of helping each out on general principle of buying because you LIKE what you see Our motivations have to be spring boarded by the perception of success
  2. "Think Black" means don't just rely on Black people to support you because you'll starve That comment wasn't toward HBF...it was a general statement Black people have survived with each other in the past because THOSE generations struggled with each other and KNEW they NEEDED one another in order to survive This generation doesn't understand the importance of self sufficiency...that concept is lost...it's every man for him and herself nowadays We would rather support larger corporations than mom and pop spots...the closing of mom and pop spots solidifies my argument that Blacks won't help each other UNLESS they BELIEVE that A) You're making major moves (which is why authors generally LIE about book sales or at least exaggerate their progress) B ) You're validated by the white man It's Socio-Marketing Brooklyn is an ENTIRE borough filled with a diversity of people...Harlem is just one area in Manhattan From my observation, the event draws in different crowds because of its marketing and promotions They have authors of different nationalities showcased whereas HBF have Black faces in the forefront When you think of Harlem, you automatically think Black regardless of gentrification...the "exclusion" is automatic Black writers that HUSTLE will thrive without book fairs...I mean, hell...it's not like they're making money at book fairs anyway unless they have a brand name
  3. Hue-Man had gotten a bad reputation of shunning the Urban/Street Fiction community over the years unless the authors had a brand name They were also accused of being "bougey" according to the conscious community
  4. Comparing the Harlem Book Fair to the Brooklyn Book Fair is apples and oranges Brooklyn Book Fair is more DIVERSE and has a BROADER audience Point blank Black authors, and Black people in general, cannot "think Black" anymore...you need to EXPAND...otherwise you'll starve "If we had to depend upon Black people to eat, we would starve to death" - Bleek from Mo Better Blues
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