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  1. Hickson -- PLEASE Stop!

    @ Cynique The difference between Kola Book and Hickson is that Kola actually participated in multiple discussions regardless of my agreeing or disagreeing with her views I think she’s a head-case at times, but at least I got a glimpse of her personality…and when I DID meet her in person a couple times, she turned out to be a good hearted individual, which had led me to buy her book Kola gave me background info about her on the strength of the discussions on this board that drew interest from me to check her out I’m turned off when authors constantly promote and advertise with no personality behind their doing because it’s amateurish and unprofessional It’s like buying a car on the side of the street instead of getting it from a dealership Half of the first page on this site is bombarded by Hickson’s constant promoting…I actually took a break from this website because he’s not offering anything of substance besides promoting his material…I don’t have time to surf through pages to find a thread I actually wanna read My time is too valuable On a social site, you sell your PERSONALITY before you sell the book…it has nothing to do with genre…I’ll read anything that doesn’t bore the hell outta me Point blank I'm off this subject because to each their own
  2. Hickson -- PLEASE Stop!

    @ Troy Reasoning with Hickson is like talking to a brick wall The irony is that he quoted a Chinese proverb about wisdom when he's ignoring the jewel I just dropped about readers such as myself supporting authors Matter of fact... A wise man isn't supposed to say to himself that he's wise...his words and actions speak for themselves...LOL
  3. Hickson -- PLEASE Stop!

    I see Hickson doesn’t take constructive criticism well, and that’s gonna be his downfall I checked out authors like Kola Boof because she actually brought something meaningful to the board In fact, her posts on the board had led me to wanna meet her @ the Harlem Book Fair two years ago, which subsequently led me to a book signing she held in Crown Heights
  4. Hickson -- PLEASE Stop!

    Hickson has been spamming the boards for years (during my "lurking" days), and sometimes deters me to wanna come to this forum because of that Not once has his method had drawn interest for me to check out what he's about His whole style is annoying and unprofessional...point blank
  5. @ Troy It's funny because I've been riding NYC buses and subways since 2001, and I'll say 98 percent of the time I'll see Black women with an Urban Fiction book in their hands It's like that's the only genre they enjoy reading And the only time they'll read outside the Urban market is when books like Fifty Shades of Grey, The Great Gatsby and The Help either become popular or turned into movies I also wanna throw in a James Patterson title...he's pretty much the Eminem of the book industry The only time I was shocked to see a Black woman read a book that wasn't popular was when I saw her read Wretched of the Earth by Franz Fanon I was floored
  6. @ Troy You're forgetting that the Street Lit market was already tapped with Donald Goines, Iceberg Slim and Nathan Heard The problem was that no one had carried the torch in the 80s to late 90s when they either passed away or stopped writing novels Major publishing houses were foolish by looking at the intangibles instead of the tangibles of why Black people supposedly didn't read...the market was out there...they just weren't saavy enough to realize that history repeats itself Sister Souljah's The Coldest Winter Ever had resurrected the genre...NOT create it And you're right, a lot of Black literary fiction authors would be irrelevant or obsolete if it wasn't for Oprah's blessings and academic English departments That's why a lot of Black authors shy away from writing literary fiction because they think: A.) They wont sell B.) There's no market for it C.) Hardly anyone wants to think when they read...they wanna be entertained I think literary fiction writers need some "swag" in their writings in order to keep up with the undiagnosed ADD culture of this microwave society
  7. @ Troy I don't blame Black literary fiction writers for focusing on the white demographic...white readers have a broader taste when it comes to fiction It seems like negroes are enslaved to reading Urban fiction, Erotic, or Christian fiction The only time they do read other genres is when either Oprah or the white man co-sign it (ex. The Help and Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy) The Black readership choices are limited...simple as that There's no accident that Black authors use pseudonyms when they write Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels
  8. I wouldn't be so quick to say that One Baltimore store owner once told me he refuses to sell books other than Street Lit It's our own fault that there's hardly any variety because stores either refuse to market, promote or stock books other than Urban Fiction Therefore, people are going to read what's available to them as many are too lazy to unearth new talent Then you wonder why the game is so saturated with one thing
  9. Literary Fiction is dead among Black readership unless the white man or Oprah co-signs it
  10. @ Troy You pretty much took the words from my fingers ^^^^^^^ Amen to this part also Check out the video below that talks about how the demise of Black radio in NYC Very interesting
  11. The American is too spoiled and pacified to spark a revolution It's bad enough that people act like they can't read a book unless it's on an eReader, or can't drive without a GPS
  12. I'm not surprised one bit Everything nowadays are getting bought out or consolidated There are only 3 major recording companies, 2 radio stations, 1 major internet radio station, and 6 Hollywood studios The only thing people can do is adapt and support the "little people," but even that's a stretch because we live in a society where you're not seen as a success unless you're signed with a major Welcome to the New World Order, baby
  13. The Bestselling E-books of 2012

    This list shows me how a lot of authors are LYING about their eBook sales…especially Negro authors I don’t see any of the internet braggers and boasters or the self-proclaimed “King,” Queen,” Prince,” Princess,” of this or that on this list A lot of authors aren’t eating strictly on book sales the way they want people to believe
  14. @ Cynique I see you're becoming senile You specifically used Sister Souljah's name in your post...the name that I used...NOT Troy Otherwise, you would've said Teri Woods if your response was directed to Troy I already said I didn't know much about the book industry prior to the 90s in a thread last year...especially "industry talk"...I study movements, not accolaids and awards Try again