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  1. My email address is troy@aalbc.com
  2. I did not know Miles Davis went around shooting at people so often. It is surprising he did not land in jail. Interesting how they worked the white guy so prominently into the film; even in the trailer his presence seems forced. It looks like yet another brilliant performance from Don Cheadle.
  3. @Sara, I have no personal recollection of Adam Clayton Powell. He died when I was a kid, and was most alive before I was alive. One of the avenues was renamed for him, and there is a magnificent statue of him on 125th street. I can't relate anything about him from personal experience, but I too heard he was a great man. But again that was a long time ago... He was the pastor of one of Harlem's most prominent churches. In fact I just got a book about his wife in the mail:
  4. I decided since I celebrate Black History every day that I'd ditch the 29 days of Black history month, and just do what I do can call it 366 days of celebrating Black history (or literature in this case). Today I'm celebrate Literary Events.
  5. I generally don't do anything special for Black history month, because "every month is Black History Month" as far as I'm concerned. That said, I'm going to introduce 29 new features on AALBC.com every day this month. 1st Day of Black History Month: 100+ Recommended African-American Children’s Books
  6. Congrats on your honor, and welcome to the forum. Hi @M. Ann Machen Pritchard, when you post a shortened URL and no other information, that screams spam. This would discourage a lot of people from following the link-because one has not idea what is waiting for them on the other end If you sent this as an email it might even trigger spam filters. Rather, if you posted the information in the following fashion, your message would be more appealing and potentially attract more attention. [Minneapolis, MN, January 9, 2014] M. Ann Machen Pritchard, author of Val’s Worl
  7. Shirley you may edit the poem by clicking the "edit" link directly underneath it. I also teach a GED class I often have students who "graduated" from high school with an IEP, which apparently is worthless. They are all very disappointed in that they did not understand that they effectively did not get a high school diploma.
  8. I watched the season premier of Empire, a few weeks ago, during a "Empire" viewing event hosted by WNYC here in New York City. They had a panel discussion afterwards which including Fab Five Freddie and other pop culture/hip hop folks. I had fun, as the crowd reacted wildly to that drama filled first episode. I know if I was sitting in my living room, by myself, I probably would not have had as much fun. The whole show was over the top and does not take itself too seriously. It opened with Cookie (Taraji) caged in a gorilla suit. Later Chris Rock was cast as a evil gangster, which was to
  9. The Pope spoke at a school a few blocks from where I live. A full two days before his arrival the streets were cleared, making street parking a real problem for three days. That is about all I have to report. I had zero interest in seeing him, or hearing anything he had to say. It is interesting to me that so many people have such strong feelings for him both positive and negative. I wonder what percentage of American truly worship him? It was hard to avoid hear news account of thousands of people lined up over night just to catch a glimpse him speed by in a motorcade. I feel like it is ev
  10. Is that out 5 stars? I'll catch the show next week. Sorry to read it was not all that compelling.
  11. Cynique I searched for instances of Condi on the cover of Essence and Ebony. When searching Ebony's site directly I got one result, a search of Essence directly returned an error). Needless to say, Beyonce was on the cover of these magazines a many times. In a broader Internet search I could not find any instances of Condi on the cover or either magazine. Cynique, I feel pretty confident in saying there is a high probability that she was never on a cover of neither magazine. While this is shameful, it is not surprising given the nature of these magazines. It we could take
  12. Oh yeah here is a link to the Confederate flag I spotted on I-95.
  13. People ridicule Jesus because Christians tolerate that sort of thing, but Muslims don't play that. There are different lines and people behave accordingly. I don't doubt for second that there are comedians that would love to have a field day cracking jokes about Islam, but again who would be so reckless with their health. But this is the point of my argument we have to draw lines, otherwise people would do anything. We have laws against raping children and murdering each other. For the vast majority of us, these laws are unnecessary. Most of us will go our entire lifetime
  14. Cynique do you see the image I posted and Blue and Black? I think ISIS, would be OK with making SNL, they have truly entered the zeitgeist. This type of humor does have the effect of minimizing the seriousness of ISIS. It is sort of like watching Hogans Heroes, without and understanding of history (like most folks). You'd never really appreciating the fact that at least 50 million were killed during that war, as they gloss over the whole conflict depicting a prison camp as a cool hangout spot and the Nazi's as a group of bubbling, but good nurtured idiots.
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