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  1. OVERHEARD: The closest a real man gets to painting eggs.... is when they don't pull out ~*~ ~*~

  2. "....the only injury George Zimmerman has is a torn rotator cuff from high fiving the police." ---Bill Maher LMFAO. And you know that shit is true. _______________________________

  3. The HIJAB and the Hoodie: ________________________ The fact that Iraq was the top slave holding Arab state for African slaves....and that Basra, Iraq is the largest slave port in world history (bringing in black slaves from Africa) ....really bothers me. The 8 million Blacks living in Iraq are there because of slavery and they currently have "0" rights even though they have been there 100's of years.

  4. EMORY MEDICAL UNIVERSITY in Atlanta Ga. Presents: ~*~ KOLA BOOF lecturing at Whitehead Biomedical Auditorium *This Friday March 30th at 6:15 pm __________________________________

  5. Ilahat al Nasr ......**Shaima Alawadi**...ana bihabak... Ilahat al Nasr ......**Shaima Alawadi**...ana bihabak... Ilahat al Nasr ......**Shaima Alawadi**...ana bihabak...

  6. I met WHITNEY HOUSTON. She invited me to her party. She was the sweetest, most beautiful, most misunderstood person I think I've ever met. This kills me (more..)

  7. I don't like Facebook anymore. I really don't. ~*~

  8. WEEKEND REPORT = Somebody busted a window, pissed that her husband won't defend her honor. She's going to lose that man. *Her Bad attitude* I look forward to seeing her demolished and hurt...like I was hurt. ~*~

  9. Just found out...that Lauryn Hill (by request) has written a DEMO song for Whitney Houston's new CD. Chan told me, so it's totally legit.

  10. I WISH that Kimora Lee Simmons's Nigger Toes .....(Black Nigger Bitch Fans)....would stay off my pages....I've BLOCKED 47 *black maids* today. Kimora & none of you want shit with Kola. You really fucking don't. Go ASK Kimora.

  11. REMINDER: I don't do "friend suggestions." If you suggest someone to be my friend, I will delete the request. Kola Boof

  12. 8 of the first Black American slaves were the direct children of Queen TinkaTekur II of Gambia.

  13. UPDATE: Kola Boof is home and doing great! She should be back shortly. Rahel Thorsten! :) ______________________

  14. Attention This is Rahel Thorsten of Atlantic Library, an assistant for Kola Boof. Please do not attempt to vandalize her page while she is away receiving care. I will be monitoring and controlling her page for the next few days and will report to Facebook anyone who tries to post porn or hate images to Ms. Boof's board. This goes for Inbox hate messages as well. Thanks. Rahel Thorsten

  15. There is no way that a Female can survive in America without being some form of Feminist. The brave call themselves Feminist straight out.

  16. UPDATE: I will be hospitalized on September 29th for brain scan & biopsy. The FLUID behind my right eye has been removed. I am not really fearful. ***

  17. As an African mother who COMES FROM North Africa, my unwavering support is for Israel...not the Arabs (Palestine). It amazes me that Blacks in the west fail to see the "Arabization & Colonization" of North and East Africa (and Nigeria) by the Arab Muslim Imperialists. It amazes me that they demonize Israel for being White & Jewish...but lick the asses of Arabs who hate Blacks far more & have done much more evil against us.

  18. RIP Ayaina Jones....age 7.....shot and killed by *Detroit* police in her sleep during a police raid on the wrong house. ~~~

  19. PLEASE.....do not call me "Brown," "Woman of Color", "Queen", "Goddess" or "Strong Black Woman." I am a Black Woman. A womanist writer. I am the LIVING woman....I live my life. I am not always strong. But I am LIVING my life.

  20. PROUD TO SAY....that I am the first **WRITER** to have Drag Queens impersonating me!! I LOVE IT! I LOVE THEM. They R my best thing! KolaChix "Gay men dressing up as Kola Boof" .....I take that as a HUGE compliment. It humbles me.

  21. SERENA WILLIAMS: It's a tragedy the way WHITE PEOPLE "over-dramatize" shit...when Black People do it. CBS kept it going, not Serena. I think it hurts Serena....that WHITE AMERICA won't accept her as **THEIR** Golden Girl. She has every right to exhibit "angst" over that.

  22. God Bless America. I sincerely mean that....I love this country. It's my favorite place to live. **

  23. 8% of the population of NIGER are slaves. Let us not forget that fact. #BlackPeople remain the most "strategically" inferior group on earth.

  24. DEAR FRIENDS... One thing I really resent....is when people forget that my JOB & Profession is being a WRITER...and that it's my goal to be the best & most successful at my profession....just as you would want to be at yours. (Continued)...

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