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  1. MAN DIED this week from TOOTHACHE INFECTION because he couldn't afford medication. _____________ http://abcnews.go.com/Health/insurance-24-year-dies-toothache/story?id=14438171

  2. **Kola Boof in Bed is a new feature that starts tomorrow SEPT. 1st where I leave a journal entry about something from that day. My random thoughts on it. http://sexypartofthebible.webs.com/kolagoestobed.htm

  3. KOLA BOOF in person! NEW YORK CITY: Sat. Sept. 17th at African Symposium in Queens Sun. Sept. 18th at Brooklyn Book Festival _____________

  4. AMAZING PHOTOS from my book signing in San Francisco are coming up!!! You will love these pics!

  5. A FRIEND in NYC just asked me to send him a Cell Phone PIC of my titties....and I did it. Awwww. I feel like Bette Grable for hurricane boys

  6. THIS SATURDAY at 6 pm Kola Boof at Marcus Bookstore in San Francisco **SAN FRANCISCO** ________________

  7. SAN FRANCISCO!!! Kola Boof in person THIS SATURDAY at 6pm at Marcus Bookstore San Francisco! Reading "The Sexy Part of the Bible"

  8. The reason I don't get along with a lot of other "Writers".....is because they're BORING and IMAGE conscious. Most are not relevant. Publishing biz is FILLED with boring ass cretins who think they're better than everybody else. This is why you don't see me getting along with a lot of them, ESPECIALLY the Black ones.

  9. Will Smith has **always** been a cheater...so I'm not surprised they finally broke up. I guess "open marriage" didnt work. DENZEL and Pauletta are the "Prize" Black Couple to me in Hollywood. Only Barak & Michelle are higher than them.

  10. RIP Nick Ashford. Damn. He's way too young to be dead. Can't believe this. NP---"The Boss" by Diana Ross (Produced by Ashford & Simpson)

  11. Many women are finding that they have to go lesbian to get the "real love" sexual experience. It's actual & factual.

  12. Kola Boof in person............**SAN FRANCISCO*** Sat. August 27th at 6 pm at MARCUS Bookstore (Please be there!) Kola Boof on Tour

  13. The reading in SEATTLE was amazing and wonderful. Everyone here is shocked to discover that Kola Boof has a **WHITE** Aunt. She was the hit of the reading & I'm staying with her this week. Great fun & amazingly sunny hot weather here in Seattle. Totally love this city (SO many men after me up here).

  14. The average Hip Hop Music Video does the same thing that "The Help" does----makes WHITE PEOPLE feel good. I hate Black music videos. __________________________

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