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  1. From Women of the African Diaspora, regarding author A. Yamina Collins' new short story collection, "The Blueberry Miller Files." Warm greetings. Calling Viola.pdf About the Author . Author A. Yamina Collins runs the popular literary blog Yaminatoday.com. She has been a journalist for such publications as Affluent Page and New York Resident magazines and has been featured on About.com for women in business. The Blueberry Miller Files is her first published book. . . About the Book The Blueberry Miller Files, has just been produced by DeeBooks publishi
  2. "This is for the manuscripts trapped in terrorized minds." I loved that line. We have so much to share with the world - especially stories other than street/thug lit. I do wish the short clip would talk more about black authors and publishing though. I thought this would be an expose on the publishing industry and black authors and it wasn't. Then again, it's a teaser to raise money for a larger project via indiegogo, right? Well...I wish them well! Best, A. Yamina Collins http://yaminatoday.com/
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