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  1. I don't have a url for a review. A friend recommended the book to me. The author has a link on facebook...it's their name Redd Underwood. Also, I ran across a blog that they have (www.reddunderwood.blogspot.com). Like I said, I thought that it was a great book and after viewing their site, I saw that others thought that it was good too. Maybe you can contact the author for that information.
  2. Ok, I LOVE Kimberla Roby, Reshonda Billingslea and Carl Weber books, so I am so looking forward to their new books that will be coming out this year. But, over Christmas break I had the opportunity to read a book by an independent author--who isn't with a publishing house and the book was REALLY good!!! The book was called "Scandalous" by Redd Underwood. At first, I was very leery, b/c I had never heard of this author, plus, the author was not through a major book publisher. However, I could not put the book down. The author has a website www.denitadaniels.com. The book is listed at $15.95, but the author is willing to sale for $20.00 (book and shipping). My friend is starting a book club and she said that the author was willing to give book club members a discount. I recommend this book. Another plus was that I appreciated supporting this independent author.
  3. Amazingly, I choose to read a book written by a self-published author and it was REALLY good!!! It's called Scandalous and it is written by Redd Underwood. Normally I would not read something that is not from a major publishing house, but I am happy that I read this book.
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