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  1. I'm just sitting here shaking my head. I know what white supremacy is about for sure. I see it every day, but to see it spewing mess such as the nuttiness from Buchanan. Donald Trump needs a berth in a state mental hospital. Unbelievable. It does seem like a draw. There is so much being revealed, or brought out again but in bolder relief. The excitement Obama continues to inspire in black folk despite his unwillingness to "go there" with our toughest issues is so full of both heartache and struggle. Any one of us who came up in urban communities in the last fifty years or so--sixty in my case-- probably knows folk who didn't make it or ain't making it, and some of them are our relatives. I'm one of those black folk in academia with only a paycheck and no generational moolah backup. All that and who's gonna be first to reduce his/her carbon footprint? I wear a size 13 in some shoes. & the older you get the more thermal clothing and heat you need, especially in Boston where racism can easily go to 100 below everybody's zero. If the president can come out snorting and say Herman Cain was wrong--poor people are not poor because it is their fault, if he could stand up from jump street for folk who are being crushed, it would be a beginning...a battle for sure but with some clarity and fortitude that would inspire folk.
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