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  1. To be honest I dont think Ebooks should cost more than 5 dollars because its a book that can be easily downloaded to the computer. I have a book out thats an ebook format and i'm only charging 4.99 because I only paid 300 dollars to get it published. Now I can understand why people set prices for a paperback and hardcover at 12 dollars or more because of how much money they had to put into it getting published. So i agree with you on this topic
  2. Chapter 1 Jaidyn’s P.O.V. Ain’t this some shit? I thought to myself as my head began to relax against my fluffy pillow while my mind raced with regrets second after second. I was so tired of dealing with this…having relations with no ship to carry it at the end. Always being placed in the friend zone or as I would like to call it the convenient girl, you know the one a guy can call up to talk to or chill with when his girl isn’t acting right. I’m basically like the replacement for a moment then invisible the next. I wonder, do guys even understand how that makes a woman feel? Do they even notice that I’m dying on the inside just from being used and thankless for my presence? There’s only so much a woman can take. This isn’t high school anymore. I’m 23 now, just graduated from college, maybe going into my career but for now working as a dietitian at a nursing home and planning on going to graduate school. I’ve got my whole life planned out but I want to be able to settle down with someone and add them into my life plan. Yet that can’t be done if I continue to allow this to happen. “Jai, why are you so quiet?” He asked cutting me from my thoughts, bringing me back to reality, agitating me all over again. I looked over at my friend of 2 years, Quincy Williams, just wishing that it would’ve stayed at that point. “What am I supposed to say? I mean you tell me that you think you could still be in love with your ex and what we have has to stop, but it never even got a chance to start.” Quincy rolled his eyes and disconnected his eye contact from me focusing back up at the ceiling. “I knew this would be hard to tell you,” he said in return. I sucked my teeth and it took all the strength in me not to punch him in his face while we lay there. I was still wondering why I hadn’t kicked him out of my apartment yet, the apartment that I shared with my friend Pierre. “So you thought that I would easily understand what you’re going through?” I asked. “Damn jay you act like I want to be in this love dilemma. This ain’t fun for me at all.” “Well if it isn’t fun then cut off your feelings for her.” I said as I sat up in my full-size bed wrapping my satin red sheets tightly around my upper-half. “It’s not that simple Jaidyn,” Quincy replied. He sat up in the bed now giving me eye contact again. My irritation was touching the clouds now. “No what’s not simple Q is fucking algebra or giving birth. Cutting off feelings for a bitch who never gave a fuck about you is easy if you have self-respect for yourself.” I was never the type to show any guy how I felt if he hurt me but Quincy wasn’t someone random and I was hurt so the tears couldn’t help but to fall from my honey brown eyes. The last thing I wanted to do was remind Quincy of how Zariah was no good for him but he was overdue for a reality check about her ass. I could tell he was pissed by the way the vein was throbbing in his forehead. He bit his bottom lip then said, “Jaidyn, you can’t relate to or understand how hard it is to fall out of love with someone no matter what they have put you through because you’ve never been through it.” “You’re right I’ve never been through it Q…until now.” There was a pregnant pause in the room as an astounded look flowed into his light brown eyes. It hurt me that he was shocked at the fact of me falling in love with him. “Before I met you Quincy, I didn’t allow myself to fall deep into love because of the way guys dogged my friends and the females in my family, I didn’t really want to deal with love at all. My mother only taught me how to be independent so I never knew how to trust that a guy would love me and take care of me. But then you came along and you taught me how to love, taught me what love feels like and how to trust to open up to the opposite sex. What I thought we had was the best feeling ever because we formed it from a friendship but I know what it feels like to be put through a lot dealing with you as well because you continue to play with my heart then run back to her and allow her to play with yours and I just sit around and wait Q…wait for you to come back because that’s how much I love you. So please don’t tell me I’ve never been through it because I’m going through it now.” At this point my golden brown cheeks were flooded with tears and my eyes probably shined brighter than a crystal from my teary eyes. He shrugged his shoulders in return and sighed then said, “You know the last thing I want to do is hurt you Jai.” I chuckled and shook my head in shame. “It’s too late for that,” I said then got up from the bed and walked over to my bedroom door, opening it up. He got the message without me having to say it. After he got dressed he walked over to the door and paused to look at me. He tried to lean in and kiss me on the cheek but I pulled away. He sighed once again then walked out with the sound of the door slamming right behind him. Playing with fire can get you burned...especially if you play with the wrong one. 23-year-old Jaidyn is trapped in her friend Quincy's love triangle after their sexual relationship leaves her longing for something deeper. As an outlet to her pain, Jaidyn falls into comfort with another who she sees as a harmless fling. But when the truth comes out, what she believed to be harmless causes more harm than she bargained for. Want to find out what happens check it out. Its a great read and something everyone can relate to. http://www.amazon.com/Honey-Flavored-Tears-ebook/dp/B00BBS2I6E/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361334032&sr=8-1&keywords=honey+flavored+tears
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