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  1. So sorry but true, Troy: "I'd go a step further and say that Black people are not ABLE to protect or raise well-balanced children; allowing them fend off the ignorance of both white and Black America. For we now have adults raising children who never knew a world without obscenity laden rap music being the most popular music."
  2. Black people who are comfortable with this word take up for it. There are many Black people too dignified and horrified to use it ever. But you would not know this by the popular radio format. Therefore, young blacks who travel overseas complain that they are often greeted by the n-word. Tell the world who you are and they will respond in kind to it. It's popular to be a fool and be fooled now-a-days. Many Black people ignore the ways of their forebears, and foolishly let white media raise their children and put ignorant notions into their heads. Many Black people are no longer into protecting nor raising well-balanced children from the ignorance of both white and Black America.
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