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  1. I wondered why I stopped seeing the magazines at the stores, and wonder what the end result will be. I think there should always be a mixture of digital content and printed material for any publication. Instead of just trying to jump into the future, JET should also consider other factors that relate to them specifically. Are their usual readers technologically savy? Will those readers prefer to read things online, as opposed to in print? A lot of major publications, such as TIME and many newspapers, maintain a website where they publish content while still publishing printed material. I'm a T
  2. Troy, Thanks for adding the covers and creating the page. I appreciate that. I'll let you know when my website goes live again. And I'm sure this website will help me earn some new readers. It's a valuable resource for Black writers and readers.
  3. Cynique, I believe there's a market for everyone's work. The problem is being able to locate one's target audience. As such, just because one person dislikes a particular writer's style or what they write about does not mean that the writer should change how they write and adapt to the desires of critics. While you may have certain preferences, others like myself have preferences that may conflict with yours. I would consider your opinion to have more validity regarding the negativity I encountered if those people who criticized the length of my book had actually read it. However, they hadn't
  4. The following is chapter 16 from The Making of a Gangster: In the world of gangbanging, whenever an act of violence befell a gangbanger, revenge needed to be swift. That was because the reputation of gangs and their individual members were in jeopardy if they did not quickly avenge violence with violence. Since respect given to gangbangers in Los Angeles was based upon their willingness to commit acts of violence – mainly against people of their own race – they were likely to become perpetual targets if they did not strike back at those who attacked them. Loner and
  5. Troy, thanks for the invitation to post excerpts here. I will gladly do that for both of my books. The excerpts will hopefully show that they are not just good stories, but deal with greater issues that need to be dealt with in the Black community. The following is chapter 39 from The Corrupting of the Redeemer: “The Devil’s always trying to trip us up,” Damian said. He was standing at the podium in front of the congregation of Church of the Redeemer. “Amen,” the congregation agreed. “It seems like every step forward we take, Satan trie
  6. It seems like overall from the comments made about Hue-Man, they suffered from problems related to attitude and how the the business was run. Although I have no personal knowledge about how they operated, the problems mentioned are things that I've encountered while trying to promote my books to the Black literary community in Atlanta and beyond. When I attempted to get a prominent Black bookstore in Atlanta to stock my first novel, The Corrupting of the Redeemer, the manager was extremely negative and critical of the length of my book, and refused to stock it. At 430 pages, it wasn't t
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