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  1. i point,i do not consider whites the original population of north africa or the so-called mideast since we all know that black africans were there first and still are there.yes whites been there for a long time but that does not make them native there.
  2. blacks have been tricked to believe folks of color will be the major group by 2050,but the facts are most hispanics are white in america,most are not folks of color i have just learn. __________________________- White Americans are the largest racial group counted in the 2000 Census, comprising 75.1% of the population. This number is sometimes recorded as 77.1% when it includes about 2% of the population who self-identified as "white" in combination with one or more other races; about 6% also identified ethnically as Hispanic. The largest ethnic groups (by descent) among white Americans were Germans, followed by the Irish and the English. In 2005, Whites made up 80.2% of the American population. [25] White Americans (non-Hispanic Whites together with White Hispanics) are projected to remain the majority, though with their percentage decreasing to 73% of the total population by 2050. [26] other info [edit] Demographic information During the 2008 American Community Survey, 46.8 million Americans (15.4% of the total population) listed themselves as ethnically Hispanic or Latino American. Of those, 62.3% (29.2 million) self-identified as racially white while 30.2% (14.3 million) reported as belonging to “some other race.” This catch-all category consolidates the various indigenous races of South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. The remaining respondents listed their race as: multi-racial (3.9%), Black or African-American (1.9%), Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (1.0%), and Asian (0.3%).[33] The leading country-of-origin for White Hispanics is Mexico (9.8 million), followed by Puerto Rico (1.6 million) and Cuba (1.1 million). A smaller number of White Hispanics originate from various countries in South America (0.8 million), Central America (0.7 million), and the Dominican Republic (0.2 million). Approximately 2.5 million White Hispanics come from “other” places of origin.[34] Respondents in the "Some other race" category are officially reclassified as white by the Census Bureau in some official estimates of race. This means that more than 90% of all Hispanic or Latino Americans end up being counted as "white" in some statistics of the US Census (which would equal 41 million in 2006).[35] Some Hispanic or Latino American groups have white majorities or pluralities, in contrast to the actual ethnographic profiles of their countries of origin.[citation needed]. [edit] Representation in the media In America, social perceptions have changed somewhat through the years, Hispanic or Latino is often incorrectly given a racial value, usually non-white.[38][39] On the other hand, since the early days of the movie industry in the U.S., when White Hispanic actors are given roles, they are usually cast as non-Hispanic Whites.[38] Examples include such actors as Jose Ferrer, Benicio Del Toro, Frankie Muniz, Andy Garcia and Cameron Diaz. Native-born white Hispanics often marry a non-Hispanic partner although 66% still marry a white Hispanic partner. Compared to 88% of foreign-born white Hispanic marriages are to a white Hispanic wife. White women of non-Hispanic origin are more likely to marry a Hispanic man of Some other race at 19%, than white Hispanic women with 2%. According to race scholars such as Karen Brodkin, in the United States, essentially anyone of European descent is considered white and Jews are also considered white. [14] However, while the census asserts that "race" and "ethnicity" are separate, some Hispanics of primarily European descent may not consider themselves white and may not be considered white by others, possibly because of the long-held stereotype of Hispanics being given a non-white racial value. [15] [16] [17] Likewise, while people of Middle Eastern and North African descent are included in the white category in the census, studies have found that Arab American teenagers may sometimes construct identities that distinguish themselves from "white society." [18] Some American white people, mainly those of distant descent from multiple European countries, tend to see themselves as belonging to no ethnic group at all, but just "American." White American (often used interchangeably with "Caucasian American" [3] and within the United States simply "white" [4] ) is an umbrella term officially employed by the United States Census Bureau, Office of Management and Budget and other U.S. government for the classification of United States citizens or resident aliens "having origins in any of the original people of Europe, [5] the Middle East, or North Africa". [6] German Americans (16.5%), Irish Americans (11.9%), English Americans (9.0%), Italian Americans (5.8%), Polish Americans (3.3%), French Americans (3.1%), Scottish Americans (1.9%), Dutch Americans (1.6%), Norwegian Americans (1.5%), Swedish Americans (1.4%), Scotch-Irish Americans (1.2%), Russian Americans (1.0%), and Welsh Americans (0.7%) make up 58.9% of the "White" population. [7] Additionally, White Hispanics represent 9.62%, [2] mainly Mexican Americans. Whites constitute the majority of the US population with 75.05% of the population. [1] Whites are regarded as the socially and demographically dominant racial group in the United States.
  3. HI I AM NEW HERE and i know that this topic was closed below but i has to say reply. http://www.thumperscorner.com/discus/messages/2152/6405.html i read many of the comments in here and when i look at this princess,she looks black too me,so i disagree with one of the posters saying she did not look black in the link above. second i do agree that most african americanslook african even if the average african american has some form of admixture.recent dna test sugggest that most african americans do not even have native american blood.that was a myth told over the years and the show african american lives talk about this awhile ago on pbs. sexond some african americans are unmixed as well,so and if you add the other blacks groups to the black american populations that the average black in america that has some admixture goes down. another example Best Answer - Chosen by Asker Very interesting question! According to a man who has performed DNA testing on black Americans, only approximately 10 percent have Native American ancestors: He said many blacks wrongly believe they are descendents of Native Americans. "If you ask 10 African-Americans if they have Native American ancestry, eight of them will say yes, but when we actually test them, it's less than 10 percent," Kittle said. The historians and archaeologist and anthropologist have shown that the bulk of the enslaved Africans came from northern Nigeria to southern Angola's parts of western central area, and so we have a database that encompasses that area and so when we test these African-Americans, they pretty much match to there about 95 percent of the time," Kittle said. http://www.nbc10.com/health/15924631/det… i will not reply to this topic or read anything here,but i just wanted folks to know the facts.i moving on to something else. anyway here are some pics of the european black princess. http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1078197
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