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  1. Mr. John Doe Intoxicated by the thought of you. Catching my breathe as I close my eyes and vision you. I want you. Losing my focus with mental images of you. Smart man, good man, black man, strong man, kind man, fun man... A man's man that knows love. That knows God and God knows him. A man hugged by the sun, just as myself. A man that reflects in my mirror. I want that, I need that, I deserve that, I am that... Love... A new found freedom can bring confusion. The heart just wants to be wanted. The flesh just wants to be held. The mind...gets drowned out...That's the battlefield. He's v
  2. Hello JonRenee', Thanks so much for your feedback! It's appreciated! I had a chance to look at your author page today, and Butter Lyrics, is hot! I love it! Good luck to your as well!!
  3. Thank you so much Troy! The information that you have given me is much appreciated. As we speak I am working on each piece of advice that you've given, if I had not already started on it. The article was awesome, and gives great direction. I never wanted to publish on my own, but this avenue deemed to be the best way for me currently, and there is a ton of WORK! So every piece of advice or guidance I get is so appreciated! Thanks again and I will definitely keep you updated as I make progress.
  4. Lonely Fools A lonely fools search for love, is long and hard...They've yet to see...loneliness is not the issue. Lonely fools search for love...forgetting to search within themselves; viewing things and people with the eyes of their world, rather than the eyes of their soul. A lonely fools search for love becomes easier as they pray. After a few or several tries, they see that God gives you what you pray for, only to show you that he always has the best road... Sometimes what you want, isn't what you need... Lonely fools fight too hard against loneliness... They don't value the beauty
  5. Hello Beautiful People, On July 21, I released my first novel, My Heart Says This~ The Invisible Line Between Heartache and Insanity..., which starts a series, traveling the well known line between Love and Hate, yet taking you on a guided tightrope on the invisible line between Heartache and Insanity, the line that gets ignored. Although fiction, this novel will explore the boundaries that are often broken in relationships, the boundaries broken that cause you so much pain, you consider taking measures so drastic you surprise yourself. Most of us know how to ignore those vengeful thoughts, ev
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