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  1. Hi all, I saw the initial message from Troy and opened it immediately. This is my first time commenting on any of the related posts, but I've been following every conversation since they began over in the How Can Bloggers Support Each Other? forum. And I suspect others are "watching" these conversations as well. Eight months ago, I would've jumped right on this initiative but this line from Troy's initial message,"I know many good writers who no longer blog, because they were unable to attract readers or effectively monetize their blogs." is exactly where I am at the moment. I'm on an unofficial hiatus and trying to determine if I will blog again at all. I don't know that I've ever been drained at anything but with the 5 years I've spent nurturing my blog, I can say that the return has not been worth it to me - honestly, there has been no return. I can articulate several reasons that I'm drained but this space was created for solutions not venting. It is in that vein that I have not contributed to these discussion. I am not mentally sharp enough to do so thoughtfully during this down time. That said, if you all roll out something, I may be willing to participate. Shannon/Reading Has Purpose
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