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  1. I really don't understand the comment by the pastor myself re: black women/white men etc., maybe I did not read it right or something. But it sounded pretty lame in my opinion. First of all he does not know all Black women/Black men so therefore, should not generalize. You know what, I think I will just stop typing now lol, because to try to makes sense of this would prove a bit exhausting. :-)
  2. Hello, New to the site and a big thank you to Troy for allowing authors this platform to unite. :-) There is strength in numbers! I am always willing to support emerging/fellow authors as I hope to gain support from others. Nonetheless, our gifts and our stories need to be told. My first novel Prayer for all Seasons, the first in a series (don't be fooled by the title LOL) is filed with humor, laughter, tears, and relationship issues ...which means my male characters bring "something special" to the plot! Kind wishes and blessings to all, K-
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