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  1. Nina Simone is beautiful, so was her art as is that of Shonda, Kerry, Rihanna, and any other sista out there ruling the world...including Beyonce. They are all aware of ywhat's going on or they would all say nothing, which is true of none of them. We are all Beyonce's audience which is why this post has turned into one encircling her magic. Like she said...you know you that.....when you cause all this conversation.
  2. 2Live Crew was trying to be funny, they did not know that it would catch on. You should see their history and the capital that they were able to manipulate because of the astounding success. And to the defense of both, if I may, their lyrics are just an outward celebration of sexuality, which all other cultures are welcome to exhibit, except ours. Beyonce is a married woman, with a child. Enjoy your Red Lobster girl.
  3. Please take a look and share your thoughts. Please like and share if you like it or love it. Thank you for your time and readership! http://www.cgoodwork.com/blog/2016/2/21/bh9tt45tulb1m4igr9jhvb2fcjv799
  4. Glad there is so much conversation here! Please be sure to like and share the actual blog posts on your social media if you could to keep the conversation going. Thank you!
  5. I agree....I have learned much in a short time from CDBurns. I love this sounding board. Yes, my point exactly. The urban sounding Destinys Child barely cracked platinum. Mainstream Destinys Child, after the switch, sold many millions and then Beyonce took over the world. I have been down since No NO No, I remember All my classmates singing along after the switch. Destinys Child was in fact, mainstream. And Beyoncé has never not acknowledged her Black audience. My point was not to pick apart the career of one of my favorite entertainers...thAt would only pull in more of audience to debate instead of celebrate which was the thesis of my initial post.
  6. @Mel Hopkins @CDBurns at this point, traffic is essential. In my opinion, we can go back and forth all day about how but we need to support what exists! This is the only way to get more. African Americans have a hard time getting projects catapulted because we are so concerned with critique and dialogue, we have to justify it and debate about the validity of its existence. Even with my students, its "Beyonce almost fell" vs. "Beyonce is a marketing genius, a bold voice that is needed, and a hell of a performer. This is why Beyonce's performance was such a conversation piece , because she was made larger than life by a mainstream audience and then shocked that audience with her alliance to African-American-esque and Southern customs and traditions. That audience (urban) alone would not have made her the Almighty Beyonce. This is why mainstream felt so betrayed....Beyonce can be that voice now because she is already there. My goal is to get the world to celebrate diversity. Right now, my focus is kids. I am pushing humanity, can you see this humanity in this Black boy and a purple one I mah right about? I am not concerned with pushing someone elses projects and posts into viral status when I know they don't care about me or humanity. What is the point? Before we click on a post that is counterproductive and continue a dialogue that serves no real purpose, lets promote those that are human centered. I am so humbled by the dialogue, any dialogue around my work. The critiques have been ESSENTIAL! I am better than I was a few days ago because of it, so please, help get the word out! Share my posts, keep reading, and keep writing yourselves! Our kids, and our humanity need it. cgoodwork.com
  7. CDBurns, I agree wholeheartedly, so much help is needed. I am almost paralyzed with the thought of it. You are correct, this situation in Flint is NOT singular! I just hope that I can make people feel the way I feel when I see humans suffer. The feeling for humanity should supercede race, class, and zip code. Perhaps if we can eliminate the apathy, we can eliminate the issue? I dont fully know, but I will keep searching. I thank you again for the feedback; I am steadily seeking growth and betterment.
  8. @Troy Thank you very much for the feedback. I will post links that are easier to follow. Thank you for your kind words.
  9. Here are thoughts on Flint, please read and respond with thoughts please. Thank you! http://www.cgoodwork.com/blog/2016/2/14/7exiji9a6m27le67wfkrf4r7pdxdhe
  10. @CDBurns Thank you very much for your feedback again. Constructive feedback as opposed to counterproductive cynicism will always prove most powerful over time. I am truly grateful for your kind words in regards to my blogs; I have the responsibility to keep up my blogs, and I will. I was able to take your constructive criticism and grow, even in this short time. Here is my new website, and blog: http://www.cgoodwork.com/ Many blessings to you brother, and keep shining your light with your wonderful work as well.
  11. @CDBurns I included my website: https://store.bookbaby.com/book/chasitiesgoodman I think that Barnes and Noble will let you read a sample. Some of my past writings are not for children and thus are not included in any real website. However, you can check out a blog of mine: http://themusingsofchasitiesgoodman.weebly.com/ and some of my past radio shows: to give you more background: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/chasitie-s-goodman In my opinion, any addition to the children's book pool that include diversity and children of color is at least worth a look, especially in the African American Literature Book Club. I am just humbled to have one selection available amongst so many greats! I thank you for your feedback.
  12. http://www.amazon.com/Could-I-Really-Be-President/dp/1682229521/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1455117192&sr=8-1 Please be sure to support! Pre-sales in Amazon marketplace are CRUCIAL!! Thank you!
  13. Please see my website for more about me and my first book release. https://store.bookbaby.com/book/chasitiesgoodman Thank you. Please be sure to support! Pre-sales in Amazon marketplace is CRUCIAL!! Thank you!
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