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  1. This is beautiful! Cyber relationships are great but there nothing like real life human interaction!
  2. if we are unhappy with the schoools, why dont the parents boycott? Dont send them. Stop going. Stop participating...just one week. Or reinforce with your own teaching.
  3. This is hilarious and perfect. I think that Mooney is perfect as are all of the comments in regards to this topic. I think that all, to a degree are correct. Ask Michael Jackson's accusers about Ghosts. Speaking of the Archangel Michael, didn't he release a video called, Ghosts while alive? and Thriller? On a second note, wouldn't you all argue that the ghost of slavery itself haunts America, even if actual slaves do not?
  4. As for your comment above, I was referring to the young girls statement as shocking and hard to hear.
  5. Well, well, well, @Pioneer1 now we know how you feel about physical appearance. Whoa, what a biting commentary on physical appearance! Like @Troy said, I was talking about the culture that supports girls thinking of themselves according to an unattainable standard. Other cultures have different standards of beauty than ours; thicker bodies, rounder faces, etc. It was just shocking....I hated hearing that.
  6. This post was inspired by a students words to me. They struck me. What can we do to improve our childrens image of themselves? Please share your thoughts. Thank you for clicking my posts, commenting and liking them...my gratitude is immeasurable. http://www.cgoodwork.com/blog/2016/3/6/ugly
  7. LMAO!!!!!!! Understood; I may or may not do the same. I watched the documentary, which was really fantastic...I see no reason to see a film adaptation. I think it is bad enough that the family does not support it. Zoe is a great actress if you can get passed the make-up. Sigh....I dunno; I think in this case, the controversy will outshine the story.
  8. oooooooh I loooove this! I know people that have written their whole, and I do mean their whole life story on FB! No one has ever given them permission to write on that level. Now that they have it, maybe they will use it.
  9. @Troy My comment was not personal at all. Most of my points have this theme. Not everyone is like you, not everyone has a website or gives that kind of energy to our work. Many of our films do flatline at the theater, some arguably so, others are diamonds in the rough. I just want to see us support...that is all.
  10. If we if we always wait for our films to stream them they will never be important and impactful enough economically to be taken seriously critically artistically or otherwise. We have to make our films stand out my overwhelming an outstanding support that will show all audiences that we are important enough to watch this is why many of our films never make it to the big screen. we have many films that are independent flooding Netflix never making it to the big screen. Support, that is all.
  11. I see humans doing what they want to do. Most kids see it that way too, until we teach them differently. That's real talk.
  12. Inspired by Clarence Thomas. http://www.cgoodwork.com/blog/2016/2/29/didnt-you-hear
  13. l love this defense for so many reasons! Carry on!
  14. Why are we debating about whether or not Sandra Bland was murdered by "cops"? She is gone, how can those circumstances not happen again? I did not know that about the origin of the word "cop" Thank you @Pioneer1 ! Consider this, Many African Americans are deeply spiritual thus, giving them an understanding of spirit, and assistance coming from a metaphysical realm. This can often allow African Americans to weigh the concept of death, and the afterlife in a different respect than some cultures. Eventually hardships, even the hardest ones, give way to rainbows....thats just i
  15. I heard somewhere one in five people knows a celebrity before they hit it big. So today, while driving, I got to thinking about what would happen if I actually became a celebrity. My hands tingled and I filled with a curious kind of joy thinking about certain peoples reaction. Specifically, my old co-workers who in my humble opinion, were already haters, and my former bitch-ass boss. My grin was a mile wide as I imagined myself on the previews of primetime television walking out to the talk shows that would be airing later in the week and even better, them in the theater gathering their be
  16. I was browsing the net today, perusing over the myriads of social media, pokes, tweets, pics, and posts. Smh at many of the #wittypunchlines and #LookatwhatIgotnow, #hatersgonhate posts that paraded themselves across my various timelines. The bold braggarts for the most part irritated me until I saw the complimentary, "#ThankyouJesus", "#PraiseGod", "#GodisGood", "#PeacebeuntoAllah", and user names like, GoddessIsisMaatMawuGoldenlife that followed many of these same supercilious updates. Then I laughed, hard. Last time I checked, a person usually isn't overcome with gratitude and being a
  17. Chasitie

    After Earth

    The reviews, most of them anyway, have been terrible. However, I am not sure what movie the so-called critics were watching, furthermore, what the agenda is for the heavy-handed upbraiding towards Hollywood's Golden Boy. For twenty years now, Will Smith has made us laugh at and cheer for his corny relatable nature with aliens and otherworldly cinematic endeavors. Even more, he has proven himself a cash cow, unbeatable in first week movie ticket sales for what is for some, 18 years of child support payments and two years of celebration. So what has changed... perhaps nothing, perhaps everyt
  18. Im moving some old blogs here
  19. Have you ever watched a television show or movie with a kid? I urge you to try it sometimes because they do this really magical thing where they point at the screen and replace their real lives with that of the character they are watching. Its fascinating to watch them excitedly exclaim, "I'm him/her", or "you him/her", and even more fascinating how easily it is to forget that once upon a time we did that too. I think that is why Hip Hop will never die, no matter how ignorant, murderous, and materialistic it gets. The execs that write the checks know that for three minutes, teenage
  20. Congratulations! This is fantastic, I love love stories and your reasons for writing this one. My parents have been together for 40 years thus, I find other stories of true love fascinating!
  21. Am I correct in assuming that a man wrote this book?
  22. Lets keep it going then...by all means, don't stop on my account, literally. I enjoy the dialect that goes on here as well; I just don't think that everything should be so negative...then again, perhaps it isn't. Carry on. Love to you all.
  23. Hey your name is Cynique, i get it... I'm not just self serving...I'm just making an observation. I. Could see if these stars did nothing/ said nothing...which many have. And stimulation you speak of has to have a purpose...what is the purpose of arguing about successful people who made an effort to help " the cause". And I have a great sense of humor, which is why I can laugh about the Black history memes and be An Africana Studies major, and a teacher. Laugh at a movie like Friday and yearn for a diverse movie like Inception. I just don't like to only critique. Maybe
  24. THIS is ridiculous. This post was supposed to b about a book that celebrated a milestone in American culture, one that supported diversity and children...the post became a critique...and when I remarked on the heavy handed criticism of Black folks w a reference to Beyoncé, then that remark was upheld w meaningless debate about Beyoncé. This proves my point. She has donated money and stood up on a way she saw fit...that's it. She is a phenomenon. She didn't tear apart Rihanna, who also stood up for her culture by singing in her home dialect, Rihanna too is a phenomenon. Let's build up
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