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  1. Thanks Troy. Their site still lists the 2016 honorees. In the notification I received, they said all selected titles will be announced via Their newsletter following the book fair. Thanks for the update you made (one minor nit: it is First Nonfiction)
  2. Hello AALBC. White Man’s Disease www.whitemansdisease.com has been selected as a Finalist in the First Nonfiction category of Harlem Book Fair’s Phillis Wheatley Awards. HBF is the nation’s largest African-American book fair and flagship Black literary event. Winners/honorable mention will be announced at the 2017 Harlem Book Fair on July 15. AALBC author page here: http://aalbc.com/authors/author.php?author_name=Paul+C.+Thornton Order here: www.whitemansdisease.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html
  3. I did great at PG--relatively speaking given the cost! It was only $25 for authors to vend. I gave a talk for aspiring authors called Writing About Trauma so I did not even have to pay that. There was a lot of foot traffic, music, activities for kids. Crowd was not very diverse but that did not seem to affect interest in my book, surprisingly given its sometimes misunderstood title--White Man's Disease. I have heard Venice is also not diverse; I'll give you a report next week. Best...Paul
  4. New blog post: The Elephant in the Room www.whitemansdisease.com/blog “Poignant, sad, tragic, funny, and compelling…http://www.whitemansdisease.com"
  5. Missed you at the SWFL Reading Festival Troy. Heard you stopped by my booth just as I stepped away for the restroom. By the way, this weekend is the Venice FL Book Fair. If you make it I am at booth 23. “Poignant, sad, tragic, funny, and compelling…http://www.whitemansdisease.com"
  6. Looks great Troy, thanks http://www.whitemansdisease.com/
  7. Thx Troy, looks good. Couple questions/comments: 1. Where might an author use this on your site? (Or are you just brainstorming at this point); 2. Any chance the back cover can be angled more so that one can read the text (yes I am being choosy about something that is free!) slightly off topic: I am days away from having an eBook release to all digital retailers. Does AALBC do anything in particular with promoting or retailing eBooks? Thank you...Paul
  8. New blog post: White Man's Disease is neither overtly about race nor a disease. So why that title? You find out midway through the book, but p. 1 details where I first heard the phrase. The 1st chap is called "This is Not About Basketball" (which the book is not about even though it contains chapters called "Dr J" and "Magic"). Read p. 1 here http://www.whitemansdisease.com/blog
  9. Labor Day Special! In honor of the labor movement today only I will waive the $3 shipping fee. Just choose $19.95 option vs $22.95 shipped & I will ship free anywhere in the U.S. Thanks http://www.whitemansdisease.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html
  10. New blog post "Dr CD" Readers of White Man's Disease willl remember Aaron (Dr CD) from the Coming Out chapter. If you haven't read it, Aaron had a small part in the book but was a significant inspiration to me in telling my story, as becomes clear in Coming Out. Here are his brief reflections upon completing the book http://www.whitemansdisease.com/blog
  11. New blog post "First Read (In One Sitting!)" http://www.whitemansdisease.com/blog
  12. Dr T

    Hi Troy. I would like to submit White Man's Disease http://www.whitemansdisease.com/ for a review if possible. I met with my publisher today and he said he would send you the file if you are agreeable. Pls advise. Thanks very much. Best...Paul

    1. Troy


      Hi Dr. T please have you publisher send a bound galley, or the finished book if galleys are not available. Thanks!

    2. Dr T

      Dr T

      On it's way, Troy. James Abraham of Book Brokers Publisher, Port Charlotte, FL will reach out to you. Best...Paul

    3. Troy
  13. Please do Troy. I will refrain from linking to FB in the future. Thanks...Paul
  14. Hello. Given the passing of the Greatest, the chapter Muhammad Ali in my book White Man's Disease (available 6/20 http://www.whitemansdisease.com/) takes on new poignancy for me. Here is a brief excerpt: https://www.facebook.com/WhiteMansDisease/posts/978867358848399:0
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