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  1. This October was both a big and busy month for the EVO Universe! Check out the latest new report blog! EVO Universe News: October Recap! NYC ComicCon, Awards, and Audiobook Releases!
  2. This month the EVO Universe picked up two five Star reviews for their current novels Genesis (The First Series Book 3) and Fred and Mary. Check out what was said: Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite Genesis by Kipjo Ewers is the third entry in The First Series and the first I am reading from this author. It is an absorbing and surprising narrative, enriched by strong elements of science fiction and political intrigue, and driven by a phenomenal conflict that culminates in the ultimate fight between good and evil. Sophia is a woman with unusual skills, and with the changes that have happened after the uprising, she is poised to champion a new era of freedom. But a cryptic message sent to the UN makes her a subject of controversy — while some think she is a threat, others see her as one to bring hope. Meanwhile, a deadly attack against humanity is in the making and an ancient evil returns, growing in strength by the hour and determined to dominate the world. Can humanity count on Sophia? Genesis is a sumptuous story that is rife with originality, has a cast of compelling characters, and features a conflict of staggering proportions. This entry is characterized by a stimulating system of politics, humor and plot twists for superb entertainment. While this narrative contains so much material to fill up two books in a series, it manages to move the conflict deeper, allowing the central character to be fleshed out, and keeping the reader focused throughout the story. Kipjo Ewers’ confident prose mixed with the exciting dialogues make this a hard-to-put-down read. It is dense, it is intriguingly complicated and intelligently written. The protagonist — though not your ordinary heroine — feels real and convincing. There is great potential for entertainment in this entry and I am looking forward to reading the other books in the series. Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite In Fred & Mary by Kipjo Ewers, love, loss, and grief are transformed into an enticing paranormal romance that is as moving as it is emotionally captivating. His wife was killed in front of him and since then, he has been plunged into a kind of pain and restlessness that nothing seems to assuage. Mary had been the closest thing to Fred, and now that she’s gone, the void left in his heart is unbearable. Which is why he orders a life-size, customized doll to keep him company at night. This seems to take away some of his grief, except he notices that strange things are actually happening whenever he wakes up. While Fred questions his sanity, he can’t help wondering if his wife has come back. It’s interesting to find out. The narrative is gripping and grimly realistic, even though it is riddled with elements of the paranormal. Fred is a compelling character, but one eaten up by grief, longing to reconnect with a reality that has completely left him. From the beginning of the narrative, we encounter someone who is unnecessarily agitated, someone who used to take control, but now is uncertain. The plot is well done, but it is the exploration of the psyche of the protagonist that gives depth and strength to the narrative. Fred & Mary is a story that eloquently depicts how loss and grief can drive a man to the edge of insanity. But, curiously, Kipjo Ewers succeeds in making it real, using suspense and a strong storytelling style to hold the attention of the reader throughout the narrative. It’s an engaging read. This is the third Readers' Favorite Five Star Review for "The First" series, and Kipjo K. Ewers fifth Readers' Favorite Five Star Review. To learn more visit the EVO Universe.
  3. Thank you Damani, really appreciate the compliment!
  4. @Damani Honestly, I have not. It is in one of my missions to do so.
  5. @Troy Thank you. Currently my work is on Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes. Tantor Audio contacted me personally and extended me contracts to turn my novels into audiobooks. Although the revenue is pretty good in these channels, and gets me exposure worldwide, getting them into local bookstores in my main goal. One of the things that I realized is that although my work has been out for almost five years and my fan base is growing, VERY LITTLE people in the minority community knows about me. Something I intend to remedy by going to smaller conventions.
  6. Hello, My name is Kipjo K. Ewers, I am the author, creator, and founder of the EVO Universe, a site dedicated to creating original, strong, and diverse characters in the realm of science fiction, superhero, fantasy, supernatural, and action adventure. The EVO Universe motto is "EVOLVE OR DIE." I wrote my first novel titled The First in 2014. I followed up with my second novel titled EVO Uprising (Book two of the First Series) in 2015. I wrote and published a spin-off novel series titled the Eye of Ra in 2016. That same year EVO Universe turned from a brand into an actual publishing company, and presented at New York Comic-Con for the first time that year as well in the small press section. I wrote and published my first supernatural romance novel titled Fred & Mary in the summer of 2017. That same year the EVO Universe also presented at Book Con and New York Comic-Con once again in the small press section. This year 2018 I just released my third novel titled Genesis (Book three of the First Series). I am currently writing two novels that I hope to have ready by the end of this year, one is my first fantasy novel, and the second is book two in my Eye of Ra series titled War of Mortal Gods. I also plan to participate in more conventions to get the word out about the EVO Universe, and make my third return to New York Comic Con 2018. My mission is to create powerful storylines and characters that our people can gravitate to and get behind that does not have a Marvel or DC logo on it. Don't get me wrong, I've been a fan of both since I was a kid, and Black Panther was a monumental achievement in diversity and representation shattering levels and kicking down doors. But at the end of the day the character was created and written by Stan Lee. I want to prove that I can write characters for us that are better than Stan Lee. So please feel free to check out my website and work, judge for yourselves, and if you like it, let your family and friends know about me. Thank you for reading.
  7. Having Black Panther withdrawal? Looking for powerful original superheroes to read about? Then enter the EVO Universe! From the mind of Kipjo K. Ewers, enter the world of Sophia Dennison. The story of a young woman executed for the murder of her husband and miraculously resurrected as the first superhuman to walk the Earth. In searching for those responsible for her husband's death, events take place causing her to accidentally give birth to an entire superhuman race. Now because of her, heroes and villains now walk the Earth. Pick up the ongoing series today titled "The First", and the spin-off series titled "Eye of Ra". Available at EVO Universe, Amazon, Aubible.com, Google Play, and iTunes. Learn more about the EVO Universe @ : https://www.evouniverse.com/ https://www.facebook.com/EVOUniverse/ https://twitter.com/JoEwers https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-jnCizZoga7AXD1owYMCxw https://www.tumblr.com/blog/evocomics https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7248579.Kipjo_Kenyatta_Ewers https://plus.google.com/u/0/+KipjoEwersEVOUniverse
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