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  1. I am seeking a review for my upcoming Oct 1, 2016 release, PLACES IN MY HEART, a contemporary romance. Omar Drummond is a pro football superstar with a body that’s a pure work of art. But Morgan Gray is forbidden to act on their chemistry, or repeat their impulsive kiss. Proving her worth as a sports agent means securing the notorious celebrity as a client, not a lover. Yet between flowers, sweet notes and heady hotel interludes, Omar is shamelessly seducing her... Other agents—and exes—have tried using Omar as a meal ticket, and he’s closed himself off from emotional entanglements. With Morgan, it’s a whole new playbook. Smart and tough, she can negotiate a contract and turn him on all in one go, and he craves more. But in matters of trust, he’s just fumbled badly. To win her he has to show her the man he can be away from the field and the limelight, and hope that this time they’re both playing for keeps. Author: Sheryl Lister Title: Places In My Heart Pub. Date: October 1, 2016 ISBN: 978-0373864706 Thank you for your consideration. Sheryl Lister
  2. Hi Troy, Sorry for the late reply. I've been away from social media for health reasons. Thank you for taking time to answer my question. This makes total sense! As far as how you're counting best sellers, I think I like the idea of both lists being counted the same, whichever way you decide - same book multiple times or distinct titles. I applaud you for all your hard work. This sounds like a daunting task. Sheryl
  3. Very interesting data. I wonder why/how some publishers have more titles on the bestsellers list than others...what makes the difference? Sheryl
  4. Hi Troy, thank you very much for adding my books to the website. I will most definitely follow up much earlier with Places In My Heart. I appreciate you! Sheryl
  5. Hi, Troy. This is actually my sixth novel and the first in a five-book sibling series. Sheryl
  6. I am seeking a review for my Apr 1, 2016 release, TENDER KISSES, a contemporary romance. Siobhan Gray has had it with men who view her as a stepping stone to a career with her family’s successful home-safety company. Even when a sexy stranger sweeps her onto the dance floor at a gala awards event, the twice-burned PR director vows not to let down her guard. Siobhan doesn’t count on Justin Cartwright’s persistence as he dissolves her doubts and slowly wins her trust with a passion that tempts her to believe in love again. Justin is a man with a plan: partner with Gray Home Safety to deliver his new cutting-edge product to the market. But the tall, sensual beauty is derailing all his best intentions. Then he discovers who she really is. Now he stands to lose everything...unless he can convince Siobhan that nothing matters more than their blossoming relationship—and the future they can build together. Author: Sheryl Lister Title: Tender Kisses Pub. Date: April 1, 2016 ISBN: 978-0373864478 Thank you for your consideration. Sheryl Lister
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