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  1. Thanks Troy for the great info, links and the add. I think you're right. There are most likely well over a hundred categories and they are still creating more from what I've heard. Btw, I will utilize your Amazon code. The "5 Things Writers Must Do To Survive Online" link you supplied doesn't seem to work.
  2. VALLEY OF THE KINGS:The 18th Dynasty by Terrance Coffey The #1 Amazon Bestseller in Biographical Historical Fiction, Biographical Fiction, and Anthology Biographical Fiction The 2016 International Pacific Book Award winner for Best Historical Fiction It's the first book of a trilogy and my debut novel. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EG5NGFA/
  3. I would guess that since most iconic artists have administrators overseeing their website that his administrator thought to add the Nobel Peace prize winner tag to Dylan's website on his own and when Dylan saw it, he had it removed. Of course all speculation Lol!. I would be very surprised if Dylan accepts the $900k. It's not like he needs the money. If I'm wrong and he does accept it, I would then predict that he will donate it all to charity. To your aside point: I am fortunate to have a book that is a #1 bestseller right now in several Amazon categories, though I do agree with you that Amazon is a brilliant marketer, I have invested a lot of time and resources in marketing my book as well and I think it does make a significant difference.
  4. Obama recently made a joke about the award saying that he still doesn't know the reason why he has it.
  5. I find it ironic that Dylan has slapped the Nobel peace prize committee in the face by refusing to acknowledge the award, or even returning their calls to see if he will attend the ceremony. He won't even speak to them. Maybe he himself doesn't think they should have given him the award. I wouldn't put it past him.
  6. I join Christopher in congratulating you for your devotion and dedication to AALBC. Indeed, it is appreciated!
  7. I appreciate the compliment Dr. Chase. I also think the cover for 'Kleptomaniac' is very creative and effective. Much success to you!
  8. No, I have not but I will definitely look him up now that you have mentioned him and his book.
  9. Thanks Troy, I appreciate it and thank you for offering this valuable resource for African-American authors!
  10. Hello AALBC Members, My debut novel Valley of the Kings: The 18th Dynasty is a Kindle Scout selection and winner of the 2016 Pacific Book award for Best Historical Fiction. I would love for it to be considered for an AALBC review. Below you will find the pertinent information and thanks in advance for considering me. Valley of the Kings: The 18th Dynasty by Terrance Coffey Published July 26, 2016 by Kindle Press (ebooks) and Helm House (print) ISBN: 978-0692756584 Synopsis: In the year 1355 BCE, the land of Egypt was the superpower of the known world. King Tut's father, Akenaten, the so-called 'heretic pharaoh,' and his wife, Queen Nefertiti, are on the verge of catapulting Egypt into a revolution that will forever divide its people and rip the most powerful empire on the earth from its foundation. Inspired by the actual Hittite and Amarna letters of 14th century BCE, 'Valley of the Kings: The 18th Dynasty' is an epic novel of intrigue, passion, and betrayal, resurrecting the thrilling story of a singular leader whose beliefs were both visionary and disastrous. Buy and preview https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EG5NGFA/ http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/valley-of-the-kings-terrance-coffey/1124218157?ean=9780692756584 "Coffey not only creates empathy for and breathes life into historical figures, but he inhabits his narrative with a cast who, like real people, are neither good nor evil, but a confused mixture of motive, belief, upbringing, and circumstance." -Kirkus Reviews Online Interview http://agbillig.com/terry-coffey-let-people-hear-story/ Author Bio: Kindle Scout winner Terrance Coffey is an author, screenwriter, songwriter and composer with a predilection for Egyptian history. He has written numerous short stories, screenplays, television pilots, and even Coca-Cola music jingles. He’s a native of Chicago, Illinois and now resides in Atlanta. "VALLEY OF THE KINGS: The 18th Dynasty" is his debut novel and first of an upcoming trilogy. www.TerranceCoffey.com
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