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  1. Thank you for thinking of me, Richard. I will have to pass as I have a lot on my table now.
  2. I don't think it should be labeled as a comedy. Should be more of a psychological thriller more than anything because it's very much psychological. They just want to downplay the veracity of the matter @richardmurray
  3. @richard, hmmm, my book has fornicative element, but nothing like what the kobo content policy...although I wonder if they think I'm promoting hate by bringing up history of white people's atrocity towards melenated people. Someone had brought up that if one's book doesn't fall in the erotica element, it will anger folks. I have 6 scenes that is fornicative and explicit, but I found out Fifty Shades has 14... I'm not sure if my story falls along the erotica line. My book is 18 plus content. I don't want to anger folks if it's labeled erotica and it's not in the strict sense.
  4. Hmmm, she's very gorgeous, but quite naked. Lol. I like Lola as well, but I still like my selection. Thank you. I don't know if my story is a masterpiece, but it's a story that has morphed while writing. I hope it gives others the same excitement as it did me. I can't wait till it's done and I can sit back and read it like a reader. I always wanted a story that encompasses a lot of my interests.
  5. Okay, the image to the first selection still didn't work. I'm happy with my selection as I like the image and words that goes with it. I'm glad you're honest about plot. Lol. My story has a lot of twists to it and I'm telling multiple love stories as well as intrigues. I'm close to the 80,000 mark and I'm not close to the end yet. Somewhat close, but no cigar yet.
  6. @richardmurrayThe links are not working for me to see the model to pick for the poll. And your response to @Troy was mad hilarious to me especially the comment about the purge. And I wonder what you would think about my plot to my story as mine is a trilogy. Okay, I voted the one where I can see the picture. Jessica is mad pretty.
  7. Very well done. I immensely enjoyed it.
  8. Dr. Miguel Ana. And another one was the pope and the cross. That was disturbing. You got a wicked imagination to that one. The image on the bottom left of a demon eating beings.
  9. There were a few that stood out. But one that stood out to me about the professor and the assistant. Reminds me of Constantine the movie. Another one was about the nun and the monastery and how they fed off of each other. It was yuck, but memorable.
  10. Wow, I was kind of reading it like a documentary as if it had happened. You definitely got my attention.
  11. Very interesting post. Are the different segments of the collage based on research as well to the stories? I don't like horror, but I sure like the paranormal. By the way, the title "The Zenith Power" is a great name numerologicallly, which equals 15, the number of the magician and luck. Relates to the paranormal. Aptly chosen.
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