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  1. I fail to see how Google and Amazon are waging a war against blacks or anybody else. Everyone in America and around the world that has access to the internet can pick and choose their search engine provider and or where to buy your products...you are not locked into only one provider like when Ford Motors only made cars in the color black. We live in a capitalist society...what you are advocating in socialism...equal results. Everyone has the opportunity to compete...but results will vary. Its like you having the best book store in your state with everybody ordering from you and all of a sudden all the other book stores in your state start advocating that you are becoming a monopoly and you need to be regulated by the government. Is that fair? Did people cry monopoly when Apple iTunes literally took over where to get music from and caused the record stores to go out of business? btw, my search engine is Bing...because I do not for a fact Google surpasses information...especially conservative right leaning information. Google and Amazon were major major contributors to Barack Hussein Obama's agenda. And Obama loved them along with Facebook and Netflix. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/internet-giants-google-facebook-amazon-netflix-fight-to-save-obamas-net-neutrality-regulation/article/2628936
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