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    Poetry is a great interest of mine and writing. I also love to mentor our youth, if they listen or not. I enjoy music, art, comedy, and life.

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About Me

Established my company in 2007 after publishing my first book. This accomplishment brought forth dreams and desires, which created multiple ideas into a vision, and manifested encouragement to build on principles to assist in making others dream a reality.

I currently have 3 books. WooSah Bitter Sweet Blessings, My Mama Said, Desire My Dream Poetry. 

Available @ http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/desiremydream


Desire My Dream Productions offer assistance with publishing, coordinating events, mentor, motivational speaker, and a poet. 

Exquisite Kids Dreams is the sister company of DMDP which will bring forth more on the educational aspect of our artistic youth in the future.

My mission is to encourage, mentor, motivate and help with the understanding and healing. Start from a dream to reach your goal and beyond. In today's world, there are no guarantees, you are the holder of your destiny.


Run with your passion for success because we only have this one life, so “Make an Effort, and Use it Wisely!”



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