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  1. Hi Troy,


    I'm going to take the plunge and purchase an author profile. But I have a question: is it better to submit my own site or the link (s) where my books can be purchased at Barnes & Noble? Which do you think authors would prefer? Thanks!

    1. Troy


      @Valjeanne Jeffers, you actually already have an authors profile: https://aalbc.com/authors/author.php?author_name=Valjeanne+Jeffers  Did you not know this?  When I run a google search on your name your interview and profile come up 3 and 4th.  


      Do you mean a profile page without the ads and adding your social media feeds? What I call an enhanced profile that would just be an extra $99 bucks

  2. This is interesting discussion. I think the writer should make his or her decision about how to use his/her voice. Some writers just like to tell an exciting story. And I think sometimes we get sick of the struggle and just want to be entertained. And that's okay, For me, personally, I try to make a statement and entertain folks. But, in a lot of my writing I focus on global struggles that affect everybody (my Immortal series). Pollution, for example, wouldn't be labeled a "black struggle," but it affects black folks just the same -- and sometimes worse if it's in a poor neighborhood. In my Mona Livelong series, I have touched on racism, but it's an alternate world which I for me makes it easier to write about. And I explore it with my characters ... there's always a reason why a villain is a villain. Funny thing, I never make these decisions before I start writing-- they just jump into my head.
  3. Hi Dak, I'm an AA science fiction author. My fiancee Quinton Veal also writes SF/Afrofuturism. Here's our site: www.vjeffersandqveal.com For just our anthology: Scierogenous: An Anthology of Erotic Science Fiction and Fantasy And my audio book: Immortal III: Stealer of Souls Hope you find something you like!
  4. I'm going to do a marketing campaign through you Brother Troy. I love your site, and I bet you reach a ton of readers!
  5. I'm so glad that authors are beginning to get sick of Amazon. Perhaps it will break their hold on the Indie author industry, Yes, you can buy my books from: www.vjeffersandqveal.com I just added ebook links too. Thanks!!
  6. Troy, It has indeed been a battle to get our titles off Amazon. I've removed some and so has Quinton, but then a number of print titles popped back up last week. I have a contact person at Barnes & Noble, so I'm hoping to get our books in print into B&N stores. I'm going to use my attorney to make sure my Audible titles don't renew. Amazon has made millions from Indie authors, but they don't respect us. And they don't pay us what we're worth -- if they pay us at all. We sell print books from our site www.vjeffersandqveal.com I'm hoping in the coming year we can convince readers to buy from us.
  7. Brother Troy you are awesome!! Thank you so much!! I recorded it at home. Next time I think I'll try to rent a studio.)I used FindawayVoices for remastering and sale. They sell through a lot of vendors (like Libro). So, far they seem to be okay. Authors can sign up to use them through Smashwords or directly from their site. https://findawayvoices.com/ I opted to read my book myself. Narrators are expensive and who knows my characters better than me? BTW: I can't stand Amazon either. Right now, Quinton and are working on moving all our titles from Amazon to Barnes & Noble and it's like pulling teeth.
  8. Hi Troy, I just got an email that AALBC is selling audio books on Libro! I released an audio book of Immortal III: Stealer of Souls last year. The audios of Immortal I & II are on amazon. But Immortal III is closer to my heart because I narrated it myself. When things calm down, I'm going to narrate another one of my novels. I hope it's alright if I post the link to the Immortal III audio book here https://libro.fm/audiobooks/9781509486809-immortal-iii-stealer-of-souls
  9. Brother @Milton Davis proud contributor right here!
  10. Hi Troy, here are the ISBNs for Immortal II and III: Immortal II: The Time of Legend ISBN-10: 1441468064 ISBN-13: 978-1441468062 Immortal: Stealer of Souls ISBN-10: 9781484811764 ISBN-13: 978-1484811764 ASIN: 1484811763 There are the ISBNs for Mona Livelong I and II Mona Livelong: Paranormal Detective The Case of the Angry Ghost ISBN-10: 1493591002 ISBN-13: 978-1493591008 Mona Livelong: Paranormal Detective II The Case of the Powerless Witch ISBN-10: 9781540324375 ISBN-13: 978-1540324375 ASIN: 1540324370 Here's Scierogenous II: An Anthology of Erotic Science Fiction and Fantasy ISBN-10: 9781727246988 ISBN-13: 978-1727246988 ASIN: 1727246985 The cover artist for all my novels and anthologies (except Immortal I &II) is Quinton Veal Thanks!
  11. I think I'll just post the rest of my books as links later I don't want to over post.
  12. Scierogenous II: An Anthology of Erotic Science Fiction and Fantasy edited by Valjeanne Jeffers and Quinton Veal. #Horror #Afrofuturism #Steamfunk
  13. I've have six more titles Troy I'll post a few at a time Immortal III: Stealer of Souls is #Horror and #Afrofuturism. Immortal II: The Time of Legend is also #Horror and #Afrofuturism
  14. Troy, my profile page or another one? My categories are: Horror, Afrofuturism and Black science fiction. If you don't include Afrofuturism, please use Steamfunk instead. Thanks!
  15. That makes sense. Also, it's a great reference tool to have on hand. I've already added it to my site
  16. Hi Troy, thanks for posting this! Do you think the map help with sales too?
  17. "Valjeanne Jeffers is a literary chef. She has taken three ingredients, steampunk, horror, and alternate history, blended them together and created a scrumptious main course of thrills, excitement, and suspense. In her latest offering, Mona Livelong: Paranormal Detective, prominent men of color have been murdered in the city of Monterrey. Because these crimes bear a taint of the supernatural, Mona's services are enlisted. Besides possessing vast knowledge of all things paranormal-related, Mona is also a gifted sorceress. Aided by her on again off again lover and possibly the coolest, hippest ghost in the spirit world, Mona attempts to track down a killer, while uncovering a dangerous conspiracy." A serial killer is snuffing out the lives of affluent people of color in Monterrey, North America. Hard-boiled, homicide detectives Curtis Dubois and Harold Lowe are assigned to the case. But when they realize that the killer may not be human, Mona Livelong, a young paranormal detective, is brought in to help solve the case. As Mona races to unravel the clues to save Monterrey, she finds herself caught up in a terrifying plot to change the very face of North America.Cover Art and Design by Quinton Veal. #Horror #Steamfunk #Afrofuturism www.vjeffersandqveal.com
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