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  1. @Pioneer1 I will not speak for everywhere but I know offline people older than you , who were in NYC during the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s. 1. Most black people in NYC saw the white hand, moreover, knew the white hand and spoke about the white hand. I repeat most Black people in NYC knew of the white hand. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar. But to my point about traitors, the damn black church which in the 1960s, 1970s, and onwards was losing its cultural grip in the black populace of nyc. I am not saying no one didn't go to sunday service, people still do now, but the situation today started then. In NYC, i will not speak for other places, but in nyc, the black church had lost ground. And in the 1970s with the white call for the war on drugs, which the nypd , a white organization started, the black church in nyc supported that even though anybody black who lived in nyc, if honest knew the black populace in nyc wasn't a war zone at all. that is a lie. The black church folks are traitors who were bitter that all age groups of black people were less and less buying into their nonviolent/law abiding speech that produced in nyc no results and if anything gave whites the cart blanche, the white card, to take advantage of the black populace absent any resistance. It is the year 2024. I am not going to write a white history book for these folks. They were bitter or alienated. Most alienated, least bitter. But feeling angry that your tribe in the village is losing potency in the larger village doesn't warrant aiding and abetting a rival village harming your own even worse. 2. Well in NYC the dealers was and still are the NYPD. Just in the past few months a law enforcer got "caught", meaning she iddn't pay her higher ups their cut, selling drugs. the nypd is the dealer Pioneer. Who is going to put the nypd in jail exactly? Please answer. Please answer. Those traitors in NYC did want to blame the financially poor black person without an opportunity or pot to piss in for trying to make dollar in this of all countries, while as always they are totally silent to the NYPD continuous criminal actibities. Who runs the prostittuion, who runs the drugs, who runs the extortion, I just made a post in this very community exposing how the nypd is allowing the illegal marijuana business to thrive. https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=2597&type=status The NYPD aren't traitors they are enemies. Where is the black church on that ... Many other black folk online of offline , yes i have said this offline in my local neck of the village, have opposed my view on the black elder traitors. But I hold firm. If ever their comes a day when I am in a black community I love again, I will not allow tis sort of behavior.
  2. New York State has levied more than $25 million in fines against unlicensed smoke shops while it has collected $22,500 in fines from unlicensed shops. Where is no mercy. Where is the black church? Where are the people in various black communities, offline or online like this one, that constantly complain about drug use or drug activity? I remember being a child in New York City, so many self righteous black people would get on white media and preach daily about drugs in the black community. Criminalizing any black person just trying to get by. Where are they now? Most people in the usa don't have a high school diploma, near 70%. Why did some Black people make it seem like a Black child not getting a high school diploma was a capitol crime? Yes, I have a piece of paper from the white man. But most people, including white people, don't have a high school disploma in the usa, why did Black people make such a fuss? I find as I have reached adulthood so many things that black people outside my home or my local neck of the black woods uttered were and are lies, feces , terribly smelly feces that explain more to me the problem in the black populace in the usa. A minority in the black populace of the usa have always been haters, I see now. Preaching legality in the black populace with no mercy, preaching education in the black populace with no honesty, never willing to harm nonblacks who harm the black populace, speaking against any black person or black group that is militant or nationalist or seperatist or segregationist or anything that isn't a loyalist to the USA or a nonvolent phenotypically integrated lifestyle. Scum. The articles at this link support the position https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=2597&type=status
  3. Weed Gone Wild: 34 Cannabis Shops — But Just One Licensed — on the Lower East Side
    New York’s marijuana legalization was supposed to bring order and justice to the market. Instead, one year later, it’s created a confusing potpourri of vendors.
    JAN. 5, 2024, 6:00 A.M.


    A map shows unlicensed Lower East Side cannabis shops near state sanctioned smoke shop Conbud. Credit: Illustration by Naomi Otsu

    This article is a collaboration between New York Magazine and THE CITY.

    On a recent Friday afternoon, a line of people wrapped around a corner of Delancey Street waiting for a turn to get into Conbud, one of the city’s 15 legal weed dispensaries. It’s the kind of scene New York State lawmakers imagined would be commonplace when they legalized cannabis in March 2021: customers neatly queuing up at a limited number of suppliers. 

    But instead such crowds are a rarity outside Conbud, and this particular one wasn’t even there for the weed. People were there to see Mike Tyson, the boxer, who grinned and flexed with fans inside to promote the New York launch of his cannabis brand. 

    On line, I met Vinay, 23, who had invited a group of his college buddies to the event. “My roommate sent me the email, and my friends are in town, so why not?” Vinay told me. “We love weed, and Mike Tyson is cool,” one of his friends interjected. 

    While we chatted, dispensary staff moved through the line with iPads to take orders (a purchase was required to snap a photo with Tyson). Vinay told me he had never been to Conbud before. He said he usually bought weed from one of the smoke shops a couple blocks away on Clinton Street. None of those are licensed to sell cannabis products, though. When I mentioned this, Vinay shrugged.

    “I guess if I knew it was illegal, I wouldn’t go, but you don’t realize,” he said. 

    There are, in fact, only 43 legal retailers across the state, including delivery operations — and they are all run by people impacted by cannabis charges. When lawmakers legalized pot, they intended to give those harmed by prohibition a head start in the market. But a year after the first legal store debuted near Astor Place, the pace of licensed dispensary openings has been painstakingly slow. 

    Just to open their doors, legal dispensaries had to overcome a gamut of regulatory hurdles that came with a steep price tag. Anthony Crapanzano, who has a dispensary license in Staten Island, said he has racked up about $1.6 million in expenses so far, including $200,000 in legal fees, and is still not open. Coss Marte, the owner of Conbud, said he’s spent more than $1 million getting ready to open. 

    Once in business, state-approved weed shops can only carry products cultivated by New York farmers and are subject to strict regulations on how they market their goods. Neon colors, bubble letters, and colloquial references to cannabis itself are barred from store advertisements. Everything must be tested — and taxed.

    While the cannabis-impacted entrepreneurs waded through Albany’s new marijuana bureaucracy, an estimated thousands of unlicensed smoke shops popped up in New York City. Because there’s little oversight, the exact number remains unclear. Around Conbud alone, rival smoke shops and weed bodegas line the blocks, flouting the rules with their white fluorescent lights and bright signage that make them so instantly recognizable as cannabis stores with names like Zaza City and Smoke Kave.

    These unlicensed shops can be cheap and easy to set up (some keep just a small amount of product in the store in case they’re raided). And unlike their legal counterparts, the unlicensed stores don’t pay state taxes on cannabis sales, which means their weed is often cheaper. Some of them try to get around the regulations by operating as private membership clubs where pot isn’t sold outright but “gifted” or held onto for a friendly patron. Others are bodegas that dedicate a small amount of shelf space to cannabis products alongside the usual offerings of pints of ice cream and cans of Arizona iced tea. 

    The rapid rise of unlicensed shops has alarmed lawmakers who are trying a number of solutions to deter them. This past February, the Manhattan DA sent out letters warning more than 400 smoke shops that they could be evicted for unlicensed activity. In June, the Office of Cannabis Management and the Tax Department began the first of hundreds of armed raids of shops around the state, seizing product and posting vibrant warning signs in store windows. The city has filed lawsuits against dozens of shops in Manhattan for allegedly selling cannabis to minors. The New York City sheriff, too, has been inspecting unlicensed shops and seizing their goods. While a few shops have shuttered, the sheer volume of stores is proving to be a difficult test of these efforts.

    THE CITY and New York counted at least 33 stores selling cannabis within a few blocks of Conbud on the Lower East Side. We visited five of the stores in the neighborhood to learn more about how the weed market has developed a year after the first legal sale of cannabis in the state. 

    Conbud – The Sole Licensed Dispensary

    Conbud, which finally opened in October, is the only licensed dispensary in the neighborhood so far. Owner Coss Marte, who has three felonies for dealing drugs, was awarded a special license back in April. But after a lawsuit challenged the legality of the license program, a court injunction prevented stores from opening for months. Marte’s plans for a summer launch were derailed. Meanwhile, he and other licensees were racking up expenses paying pricey New York rents for idle storefronts. 

    In the meantime, the delay gave unlicensed stores an opportunity to gain more of a foothold in the neighborhood, Marte acknowledges. “The market has already matured in the Lower East Side specifically. Some of the stores around here have already been open two or more years,” he told me. “Consumers are just thinking that this is what it is, not that the stores are illegal.”

    Inside, the shop borrows a lot from Marte’s personal story: There are product displays reminiscent of the milk crates he used to sit on outside a bodega selling drugs. A full-screen television shows a loop of Marte at a local farm tending to cannabis plants that would soon be harvested and sold in the store, an employee told me. On one wall, the text of the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery, is posted in bold letters. Conbud-brand T-shirts with the law’s text are available for sale, too. The effect is twofold: Marte is selling customers on the store’s cannabis products, like gummies marketed for sleep or energy and locally grown cannabis flower, but more broadly on the idea that legalization can be a form of reparation to those harmed by the war on drugs. 

    One of the most popular products is an ounce of Hudson Cannabis that’s grown upstate and runs for $185 — the best deal in the store but not as inexpensive as what some of the unlicensed shops offer.

    A week before the Tyson event, Conbud threw a party to celebrate the launch of the Dr. Midtown brand, owned by a former legacy operator who goes by Nas. He told me he used to run a 1,200-person delivery route in Manhattan and was arrested in January 2021, right before the law changed. “I grew up in Queens, and it’s just been constant harassment,” he said. To see his brand now in stores, he added, “is exactly what we’ve been fighting for.”  Promotional flyers for the party were printed with both Marte’s and Nas’s old mug shots along with the slogan “From Legacy to Legal.”

    Part of the goal in hosting events like the one with Tyson and the launch party for Dr. Midtown is to educate people, Marte said. People living in the neighborhood see the long lines or hear the music and stop by to see what’s going on. That gives Marte an opportunity to explain that Conbud is the only legal cannabis store in the Lower East Side, he said. 

    “The more events we do, the more the community is aware that, ‘Hey, we’re here and we’re legal.’” 

    Flame Zone – A Shiny Smoke Shop

    Shortly after Conbud opened in October, a flashy new smoke shop called Flame Zone Convenience appeared right across Delancey Street. The store employs several of the marketing techniques that legal stores are specifically prohibited from using. Its signage is written in a neon-green rounded bubble font. A sign advertised a grand-opening sale of an eighth of an ounce of weed for $20 (less than half what an eighth of Mike Tyson’s brand costs across the street), while another says the vape shop has the lowest prices around. If there was any doubt the store sold weed, there’s a towering inflatable joint just inside and a second one suspended from the ceiling. 

    Before Flame Zone opened, the business here was called Gee Vape and Smoke Shop. In February, Gee Vape was one of more than 400 stores the Manhattan DA warned in a letter could be evicted for selling cannabis. The store later closed. Flame Zone, according to the employee at the counter, is a different business from Gee Vape. “This is a new owner. She changed everything,” he told me. 

    While the shop may have a shiny new exterior, the property owner has been the same since 2007, city records show. Enforcement efforts have started to increasingly target landlords, not just the stores. But so far those measures have done little to deter a landlord from simply leasing the space to a new smoke shop. The volume of shops is simply too high. 

    In mid-November, shortly after Flame Zone opened, the Office of Cannabis Management and the New York State Tax Department raided the store. The two agencies are one part of the enforcement effort to curb the illegal shops. Last year, the state inspected 350 storefronts and seized more than $50 million worth of product, according to its latest figures LOOK BELOW. Though a pink slip from the raid is still posted in the door, it’s open for business.

    Behind the counter, there are vape cartridges and pre-rolls branded with major California companies like Stiizy and Jungle Boys. House pre-roll joints are three for $20. When I ask the shopkeeper where the weed is from, he says, “Here, it’s in-house.” Only New York–grown weed is permitted in legal shops, and it remains illegal to transport cannabis across state lines. But for years California brands have faced allegations of “backdooring” their product to other states, and a number of websites sell counterfeit packaging from California brands down to a randomized serial number and QR code. That makes it hard for customers to know what they’re really buying. 

    Despite the bright lights and the low prices, the store still gets little foot traffic on a chilly December evening. In a half-hour or so, I see only one woman go into the store. She popped in while waiting for her order at Wingstop next door, she told me. When I asked what made her choose that particular store, she shrugged. “It’s just the closest one,” she said. 

    MetroBud – A Private Members Club

    Owned by Joe and Jason Coello, two brothers from Queens, MetroBud on Allen Street operates as a private membership club. Blue velvet ropes guide customers to the entrance, and an employee checks IDs before letting anyone inside. The shop differentiates itself by encouraging people to stay awhile. Inside, two televisions loaded with video games are available to rent, and there are a few couches where you can just smoke and chill. MetroBud also hosts events like a weekly yoga class. 

    Joe Coello started planning to open the store as soon as legalization passed in March 2021, reasoning that a membership model was a way to get started without a state license. “We were trying to operate as above board as we could,” said Coello. “We were operating legally, as far as we were concerned.”

    When the cannabis law passed, it included protections for people possessing weed as well as giving it away to their friends. Interpreting the latter to mean that they may legally “gift” weed to patrons or possess weed on behalf of members, cannabis membership clubs like MetroBud began popping up across the city. At one club I visited, customers pay for a photograph — and then are “gifted” cannabis in return. 

    There are no specific regulations that govern how the clubs operate because the distinction is not sanctioned by the state regulatory agency and there’s no specific license category for the model. 

    On many days, MetroBud seems to function like any other weed store. Daily membership is effectively free, so anyone with ID can walk in off the street and make a purchase. On a recent Saturday night, there was little foot traffic and just one customer inside fixated on playing Mortal Kombat. The store carries various branded MetroBud strains of weed from New York farmers as well as other brands. Prices are divided by tiers and at the low end can beat prices that legal shops like Conbud offer.

    The membership-club interpretation of “gifting” hasn’t been tested in court, but last year, the Office of Cannabis Management sent out letters warning operators that running unlicensed shops could potentially jeopardize their ability to get a license in the future. The letters specifically stated that a membership-club model was not allowed. 

    Despite the state’s warnings, Coello still hopes to go legal and has applied twice for retail licenses since opening MetroBud. “It would be nice just to not have to look over our shoulder,” he said. 

    Meanwhile, Coello defends his business model — and the crop of unlicensed shops in the neighborhood. “I believe in a free market,” he said. “As long as they’re putting out products that are safe and don’t have heavy metals, mold, or pesticides in them, I don’t see a problem with it.” 

    Allen Convenient Exotic – Twice Raided

    Walk down Allen between Delancey and Broome Streets, and you’ll find two more smoke shops near MetroBud: Green Apple Cannabis Club and Allen Convenient Exotic. Red, green, and purple lights from the trio of stores overwhelm passersby. As I stood outside on a recent evening, I watched a couple point to the fluorescent lights. “Why do all these places look so ugly?” one asked. 

    Cannabis was legalized just one year into the pandemic, as restaurants and retail shops were struggling to stay afloat. Some smoke shops have opened in place of establishments that stopped paying rent in the pandemic. The space occupied by Allen Convenient Exotic had been a smoke shop for years, selling items like vapes and glass pipes and cigarettes. But Green Apple Cannabis Club used to be a clothing store, and MetroBud was previously a pop-up space hosting events from brands including PornHub and Subway. 

    The three stores are an example of how ineffective state enforcement has been in curbing unlicensed sales. While Green Apple and Metrobud’s owners both say they’ve never had any major issues with state or local law enforcement, Allen Smoke Shop has a poster in the window with loud red letters: ILLICIT CANNABIS SEIZED. The store has been raided at least twice by state officials, according to the posted notices.

    To allay any doubt that it still sold cannabis, the shop projects a roving image of the cannabis plant on the sidewalk outside.

    Inside, there’s a wall of sodas and chips and even a small shelf of Bounty paper towels as in any other neighborhood bodega. Much more discreetly than in a place like MetroBud, the cannabis products like THC-laced edibles as well as “mushroom extract” gummies are confined to just a small section at the front counter. With a few cannabis-plant signs in the window and a bit of shelf space, the shop is an example of how easy it is for owners to add on a few products.  When I snap a photo with my phone, it immediately catches the attention of the shopkeeper. “Hey, no photos. You can’t take a photo in here.” With the flip of a switch, the clear glass counter turned a frosted white, concealing the contents from view. 

    Dubai Cannabis Supply – Sued by NYC

    I head over from Allen to Stanton Street, which has its own row of unlicensed shops selling cannabis. I pass by a few of them and head into Dubai Smoke, which the city sued in July, to see how it’s currently operating. 

    The complaint cited three instances in which the shop allegedly sold illegal psilocybin products. Created in the 1970s as a means to shutter undesirable businesses like places of prostitution, the nuisance-abatement law is one more tool the city has to curb illicit cannabis shops. In 2023, it filed at least 35 cases against smoke shops and their landlords for selling cannabis products to minors. Inspections are typically carried out by the NYPD, which documents at least three instances of the unlicensed activity before seeking a court order to close the store for one year. The city settled with Dubai in November on the condition that it would not sell unlicensed cannabis or tobacco products.

    But a December visit shows that’s plainly not the case yet. Inside, the shop looks like the color palette of a Jojo Siwa concert. The walls are covered in rainbow graffiti, and under the glass cases there are glass tubes of pre-rolled joints for $20 labeled ZKITTLES. The man at the counter pulls out the tray of ones that come in flavors labeled Cotton Candy, Jungle Juice, and Froot Loops. A row of vape cartridges has options in lilac and teal and fuchsia. There are more California brands, like Stiizy gummies, on display here, too. None of these rainbow offerings would be allowable at the neighborhood’s one legal dispensary, Conbud.

    Outside, I spot a group of what appear to be teen boys passing a joint among them. I nod to the joint and introduce myself as a reporter working on a story about cannabis shops in the neighborhood. 

    One tells me loudly they’re all 21 before laughing. 

    “Bro, no you’re not, no you’re not,” one of them shouts.  

    “Okay, yeah, we’re all 16.” 

    “I’m actually 35,” says a third. (I start to believe they are indeed 16.)

    Dubai Smoke Shop wasn’t cited for selling to minors, but at least 34 other shops in Manhattan last year were, according to a review of nuisance-abatement complaints. This has been a rallying cry of lawmakers looking to shut down unlicensed shops with no oversight of its sales. 

    When I asked the teens where they liked to go for weed, they brushed me off. “I mean wherever they will sell to us, there’s only a few places around here,” one said. 

    “We’re not gonna tell you which ones.”

    Article link





    New York Fined Unlicensed Weed Shops More Than $25 Million — and Collected Almost None of That
    Gov. Kathy Hochul has said she wants to shut down the illegal stores, but the lack of enforcement reveals just how hard that task will be.
    FEB. 22, 2024, 5:00 A.M.

    The state has levied more than $25 million in fines against unlicensed smoke shops for selling cannabis products since last year, but so far only a minuscule percent of those fines have been collected by both the state Tax Department and the Office of Cannabis Management, THE CITY has learned.

    The two agencies were granted greater authority last year to enforce the 2021 cannabis law and began joint raids against smoke shops for selling cannabis products without a license last summer. They levy and collect fines separately, however. Fines may be levied against individuals who operate the smoke shops or the business itself when it’s difficult to track down an owner. 

    The Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) said it has collected $22,500 in fines from unlicensed shops. The Department of Taxation and Finance has collected $0 in fines so far, said sources familiar with the state’s enforcement progress. 

    Last October, THE CITY reported that the state cannabis agency, citing a lack of resources, had paused the enforcement hearings that follow state agency raids on unlicensed shops. Lawyers for unlicensed shops told THE CITY at the time that they had received notices on behalf of their clients that the cases were being withdrawn. Meanwhile, the raids have continued.

    But while OCM has withdrawn many cases, some shops and their operators have separately received letters separately from the tax department warning them of fines more than $150,000, according to notices obtained by THE CITY.


    “Currently, the State is prioritizing shutting down illegal shops and seizing unlawful products,” said Aaron Ghitelman, a spokesperson for OCM. “While we recognize entities being fined have a right to due process, we are committed to working within the confines of the law to collect the fines once the legal process is complete.”

    Fines levied by the tax department may be appealed, for example. And shops fined by the Office of Cannabis Management may be challenged in the administrative hearings the agency paused back in October, which lengthens the state’s timeline to collect the fines. 

    Ghitelman added that the state has seized tens of millions of dollars in illicit products as part of its enforcement measures. Gov. Kathy Hochul has repeatedly emphasized the amount of product seized in press releases about the progress of the raids. 

    The governor’s office and the state tax department declined to answer questions and deferred to the statement provided by OCM. 

    The dearth of fines collected so far highlights the challenge of enforcing the cannabis law in a state with a booming gray market.

    In New York City alone, unlicensed shops are rampant throughout some neighborhoods. Though there is no official count of the number of unlicensed smoke shops, it is estimated to be in the thousands. Last month, local news outlet CNY Central reported that OCM has only 14 investigators on staff. 

    The two state agencies are not the only ones involved in enforcement. The Sheriff’s Department is inspecting smoke shops in New York City as well, and the NYPD has done undercover inspections of shops suspected of selling cannabis to minors. 

    In Hochul’s annual state of the state address last month, the governor said that she would seek new enforcement powers this year as part of the annual budget. 

    “We know there’s more to be done and we need more tools to do it. We’re going to continue working with local leaders, including in New York City, to shut down illegal cannabis stores once and for all,” she said. 

    Sen. Jeremy Cooney, the chair of the Senate Cannabis Committee, agreed that more enforcement powers are needed, but added that the effort has to be in tandem with opening up new stores. 

    “The way forward is to make sure that we have more legal stores operating on our streets,” Cooney told THE CITY in an interview. “It’s a parallel track – one is to close down stores and make sure enforcement is happening, the other is to make sure that new ones are opening.” 

    “We’re not moving fast enough,” Cooney added. 

    At a Senate hearing in late October, executive director Chris Alexander testified that he did not think fines were enough to deter unlicensed shops. In response to questions, he said that he expected OCM’s administrative hearings to resume within weeks. But months later, the hearings have not resumed. OCM said it is seeking expanded enforcement powers to padlock stores instead of issuing fines. 

    Sen. Cooney told THE CITY he was unaware of this and found it “very concerning.”

    The fines levied by the Tax Department are  determined by a formula that assesses that unlicensed shops owe up to two times the amount of tax that would have been due on that illicit cannabis, the deficiency notices said. 

    Both letters reviewed by THE CITY say that more than 12 pounds of illicit cannabis had been seized but do not show specifically the details of the calculation. The law affords people the right to appeal the fines, which may be part of the reason why the agency has not collected any fines from unlicensed shops yet.

    But in both instances, the shops had been raided by the OCM and the Tax Department and had product seized but the state cannabis agency had withdrawn their proceedings.  

    “Of course no one is paying them,” said Paula Collins, a lawyer who represents clients who operate unlicensed smoke shops. “They thought it was over.” 






    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 4, 2023

    CONTACTS: Aaron Ghitelman /Aaron.Ghitelman@ocm.ny.gov / 518-728-9570


    NEW: OFFICE OF CANNABIS MANAGEMENT NOVEMBER ENFORCEMENT UPDATE ON STATEWIDE ACTIONS AGAINST UNLICENSED CANNABIS SHOPS The Office of Cannabis Management and the Office of the Attorney General win major court victory; new precedent set for State to use Cannabis Law to permanently close illegal businesses More than $50 million worth of illicit cannabis seized to date Additional court victory and new trainings for localities also announced NEW YORK, NY – Today, the New York State Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) published the second in a monthly series of enforcement action updates against unlicensed cannabis shops across the State. These updates will be released on the first Monday of each month through the end of the year. Inspections & Seizures: During the month of November, investigators from OCM and the Department of Taxation and Finance (DTF) inspected 71 shops, including 13 re-inspections, suspected of selling unlicensed cannabis. These inspections resulted in the seizure of 812 pounds of flower, 701 pounds of edibles, and 61 pounds of concentrate, with an estimated value of $7,284,986. These actions bring the total of inspections to 350 locations, 88 of which have been re-inspected, to yield over 11,000 pounds of seized illicit cannabis worth more than $54 million. OCM and DTF investigators will continue inspections each and every week across the State. Court Victories: On November 21, OCM, in collaboration with the Office of the Attorney General (OAG), won its first petition for emergency relief under Section 16-a of the Cannabis Law, a new section of the law that just went into effect this year. This victory established an important precedent allowing the State to seek longer term closures for businesses found to be illegally selling cannabis. In this case, the Court issued a permanent injunction and one-year permanent closing order against illegal operator David Tulley of "I'm Stuck" in Wayne County. The Court agreed with OCM and the OAG that Tulley had engaged in unlicensed sale of cannabis and rejected Tulley's argument that the “cannabis consulting business model” did not require a license. The Court’s Order continued the padlocking that had been granted by the Court on an emergency basis earlier this year. An assessment of total penalties will be finalized in the coming weeks. On November 29th, OCM, in collaboration with the OAG, also successfully secured a temporary restraining order and temporary/closing/padlocking order against the unlicensed operator George West of Jaydega 7.0 in Canandaigua. A hearing on the request for a permanent injunction and closure of Jaydega 7.0 is scheduled for next month in Ontario County Supreme Court. Training for Municipalities: With a continued focus on collaboration and coordination with the goal of maximizing enforcement partnerships, OCM and the OAG will host a public webinar for municipalities across the state on Thursday, December 7 to provide vital education and resources around best practices and opportunities to shut down illicit operators. “As we look ahead to this next chapter in New York’s cannabis market, we continue to prioritize safety across the state by working diligently to shut down illegal operators,” said Chris Alexander, Executive Director of The New York State Office of Cannabis Management. “The number one remedy for the problem of these illicit shops is getting more legal businesses open. New Yorkers want to know where their products are coming from, and they know they can rely on safe, trusted, and locally grown cannabis when they walk into one of our legal dispensaries. We will continue to seize illegal products, and we know that the collaborative work continues across all levels of government to address this public health crisis.” Fines for the illegal sale of cannabis start at $10,000 per day and can rise up to $20,000 per day for the most egregious conduct. An additional fine of $5,000 can be levied for removal of the Order, and the inspected businesses may also be subject to additional violations and penalties under the Tax Law. Additional fines may be assessed. The enforcement legislation passed in May 2023 also authorizes OCM to seek a State court order to ultimately padlock businesses found to be in repeated violation of the law. In addition, the law makes it a crime to sell cannabis and cannabis products without a license. To bring many levels of government together to combat the illicit sale of cannabis, Governor Hochul announced partnerships between OCM and the OAG through which municipalities across the state can receive training on how to utilize a particular provision -- Section16-A -- of the new enforcement law signed by Governor Hochul in May 2023 to pursue padlocking orders in State Court. 16-A authorizes local governments, including county attorneys, with OCM’s approval, to pursue padlocking orders from a court against an unlicensed cannabis business found to be engaged in egregious conduct. This authority significantly augments the ability for different levels of government to work together to shut down illegal cannabis operators. In addition to these new partnerships with localities, the Governor announced that additional State agencies will now be bringing the weight of their business enforcement powers to bear as part of the State’s creative and aggressive approach to combating the illicit market. The Department of Labor and the Workers Compensation Board are joining these efforts to ensure businesses selling cannabis without a license are compliant with New York State labor and workers compensation laws. This approach, which combines the enforcement powers of labor law, tax law, and cannabis law, can result in non-compliant business owners potentially facing tens of thousands of dollars in penalties as the result of a single inspection and violations, significantly enhances the State’s ability to crack down on those who engage in illicit sales, and reaffirms the Governor’s deep commitment to ensuring that the law is being followed and that New Yorkers are protected from potentially unsafe products. New York State currently has 27 licensed adult-use cannabis dispensaries and has approved 44 Cannabis Growers Showcases. All regulated, licensed dispensaries must post the Dispensary Verification Tool sticker near their main entrance. Any store selling cannabis that does not display this sticker is operating without a license. ### Follow us on all of our social media at @nys_cannabis




  4. @ProfD that is true, all humans love handouts, its a myth that humans don't. Unfortunately, the black populace in the usa never had someone wealthy enough to give money to a large set like whites have on multiple occasions. The rockefellers in ny for example did that, gave jobs, gave things to the white community in the city. But they had the level of wealth to do that.
  5. Superior Achievement in a Novel Due, Tananarive – The Reformatory (Gallery/Saga Press/Titan) Hendrix, Grady – How to Sell a Haunted House (Berkley/Titan) Jones, StephenGraham – Don’t Fear the Reaper (Gallery/Saga Press/Titan) LaValle, Victor – Lone Women (One World) Wendig, Chuck – Black River Orchard (Del Rey/Penguin Random House) Superior Achievement in Long Fiction Due, Tananarive – “Rumpus Room” (The Wishing Pool and Other Stories, Akashic Books) Jiang, Ai – Linghun (Dark Matter INK) Khaw, Cassandra – The Salt Grows Heavy (Tor Nightfire/Macmillan/Titan) McCarthy, J.A.W. – Sleep Alone (Off Limits Press LLC) Murray, Lee – Despatches (PS Publishing) All details in the following url https://www.thebramstokerawards.com/front-page/the-2023-bram-stoker-awards-final-ballot/
  6. I will defend the million man march in, the black populace in the usa is circa 50 million people. 1 million is not even ten percent, so I don't think the million man march called for all black people to attend, the idea was for a large group of black people to attend. and in defense of the black populace in the usa, i think the people the masses in the black populace did their part. the problem was the black leadership showed its poverty of quality. not having desire to guide that momentum. @Troy the tragedy in the million man match was how many black men, plus black people, i recall black women publicly being proud of black men, black children being proud, at least where i was offline, who embraced the comradery, embraced the communalism, left disheartened when black leadership showed its lack of positive quality. Either None of the black leaders for or in and about the million man march expected the turn out or they never were going to plan anything anyway. in defense of @Pioneer1 numerical statement, I can tell you from first hand accounts it was an order of magnitude more. It was more than a million. easy. and that goes back to my painful dislike of black leadership during that moment. The black populace were hoping in washignton with all those elected black officials whose offices are less than ten miles away, such a showing would come with their end, but at always black elected officials have shown their poverty and it has no excuse. I know people in here talk about the fiscal wealthy's influence, but that is a historically invaldated defense to elected officials impotency To your point about black leadership @Pioneer1 I oppose your position. he offered nothing. I realize that maybe most black people in this online community and maybe most black people in the usa grew or feel they grew up in a local black community that is full of black individual failure but I didn't. My local black community's problem was the white man it is that damn simple. Black people voted, owned homes, worked worked worked, all that B.. what you call advise or instructions black men in my local black community were doing before the match pioneer.ok. now maybe in yours it was all black statian hell but it mine it was not. , white man has power, the power you get with guns, the power to do regardless of education or financial value. Black leaders don't provide what local black communities like mine needed. maybe your local black community needed all that individual call stuff, but mine didn't ok. And i oppose your position, two million black people are less than ten percent of the black populace in the usa. Don't underrate the size of the black populace in the usa, it isn't the white jews. it is far larger. The KKK at its height had tens of millions. now if ten million black people were united under an organization then... that can lead to making changes, but not two or one million black people.
  7. ah ok @Troy I will not do so any more. I figured black artist offering commissions is positive. Where in the forum space shall i put these in the future?
  8. topics 39th of the cento poetry series Happy Belated Valentine's day IF YOU MADE IT THIS FAR: stage vs spare vs real -using the Witcher, blacks in hawaii- a history of anthony allen, erotic couples classes from Antoinette Williams , Continental Black American unity URL https://rmnewsletter.over-blog.com/2023/09/02/18/2024-rmnewsletter.html
  9. @Pioneer1 yeah farrakhan wasted that march with no plan, whatsoever. him and the others told over a million black men to come and only could chastize or tell them what they already know, not have a plan. And white power wasn't why, it was as often in modern times, poor black leadership
  10. @ProfD well, I think we both accept that monied peoples have influence and pay for what they want elected officials to do, placing them, but we differ on the excuse of that. Rich and powerful people have always had their hands on making elected officials are guiding them in the usa, and i offer in the past, they had a more dangerous ability to harm than today but elected officials in the past or now, like the black woman who just lost the harlem city council seat going her own way, happen. My point is, the moneid peoples are no excuse, elected officials deny them all the time. Yes, not a majority but it doesn't mean those that do what they say mustt, they are choosing. so i blame them, not the monied people. haha I am not sitting on the apple, praying for you:) just being inspiring. Yes, there is something stopping me, a great thing, an honest thing, A thing i wish more black people in the usa accepted and accept. . As I have said in this forum many times, different groups of black people in the usa from its secession from the british empire have always, always, had different paths, sometimes very unaligned. But the one problem among the black populace in the usa is the ability of all black people in the usa to accept that. I know some blacks want to merely kill whites in the usa. And I repeat what I always tell them, good luck, I can't join you, that isn't my path, the path of black folks like me, but i wish you well, wish you the best.
  11. @ProfD I am not suggesting fiscally wealthier influencers are not about. They are 100% but the truth is, no one is stopping elected officials from acting away from then. An example, A man in NY state, a white man , called conqlin , used to control an organization that basically controlled all the shipping in the usa. He was huge in getting president harrison elected. Now as the legend goes, it could be all false , how can anyone know truth from the 1800s, conqlin went into harrison's office with a plan and harrison said no. Conqlin was one of te most powerful men in the usa at that time. My point, historical precedent exist for elected officials to go against their financial aid in the usa. Not common but not unheard of so elected officials can't say today,it never happened before, that is a lie. And then to my point, make the policy. you use the term smart people, who are the black smart people? please define them. Cause I think many people are smart. I don't think we define smart people the same. any person can be an agent of the people. and in the usa there is a separation of church and state legally. Elected positions are not set for those who are lawyers or busines people or preachers. Elected offices are open to musicans in the usa. Donald Schrumpf is not a business man, a white man in local nyc tv said that who works for banks. He called donald schrumpf a saleman. I call schrumpt an honest charlatan. The governments in humanity need more musicians. go for it!
  12. @ProfD add no elected officials have offered a policy as well, don't just say the black populace which is again very large and is not tiny, over forty million people don't have consensus in the usa, yes white jews, but again they are far smaller, but not italians, not german americans, not dos black americans , not chinese americans. No group a certain size has a consensus. So your correct the black populace in the usa hasn't made a consensus and produced a plan to elected officials, but neither has similar sized populaces under the same government. While also add, black elected officials haven't developed a policy. It isn't like black elected officials need to be told the black populace in the usa has needs. and yes, all in the usa have been voting for lesser than two evils since the 1960s. whereas black people never had anything other since the end of the war between the states. lastly, get out there profd, you said you think so highly of the usa, get your name on a ballot. I don't think highly of the usa. you do.
  13. THE BLACK PLANET POST Soulsonsix < https://blackplanet.com/Soulsonsix > said The Nevada primary and caucus was a perfect example of life imitating art. Nikki Haley's embarrassing second place finish to "no one" makes it clear that we have generational critical thinking challenges ahead. I replied well, I see your argument. That this event shows an immaturity. But I argue it shows an honesty. In the film , the art, Does BRewter's none of the above win? no. it doesn't remember, Brewster's name is on the ticket and he is winning, even though he is telling people to vote for none of the above on his two opponents plus himself, the people vote for him. why? because his simple straightforward campaign was honest, the available candidates, two opponents plus himself have no plan to improve the lives of the voters. I think it makes sense. In the art, brewster jumped out the race and then none of the above won. But the point is clear, say the government's policies are doing nothing and you will get support when the government's policies are poor. Trying to convince voters your policies are quality shouldn't be needed if your pollcies are quality, while convincing voters policies are crap is quite easy when they are crap. Haley who has been in government for a long time, like the others, has no policy quality and thus the results. SChrumpt said he wanted to shake things up, he does that. He said the others are all hacks, he is right. Biden/Obama/Bushes et cetera all talk a lot but produce nothing the masses can say helps them really. Is healthcare affordable? no. are jobs everywhere? no. is the black community being aided? no. Are women being given more avenues to grow? no. are white twons being rejuvenated? no. is the christian lifestyle being supported? no. Both parties have failed policy for all but the one percent. https://aalbc.com/tc/topic/10829-the-truth-of-voting/
  14. Last night a combined one thousand three hundred and fourteen (1,314) people voted for the seventy seventh (77) state assembly district which is in a region of the borough called the bronx. One thousand and twenty six (1,026) voted for Landon Dais whose wife is from the bronx, he is from harlem. while two hundred and eighty eight (288) voted for Norman McGill who is the president of a project building association. In the district , forty eight thousand (48,000) people are registered as party of andrew jackson (POAJ) members while two thousand (2,000) people are registered as Party of Abraham Lincoln (POAL) members. The district's populace is One hundred and thirty five thousand and five hundred and twenty two (135,522) people. So Dais won a third of a tenth of the rdonkeys voting populace. McGill won a tenth of the elephants voting populace. So, less than one percent of the district's populace voted. Now the district is sixty six (66) percent latin american any phenotype, while thirty three (33) percent Black any language or geographic base which means the Black vote isn't the issue here. The majority of voters in the region are not black , where are the calls to rock the vote. I recall for years black people made a scene and many speeches arguing black people need to rock the vote, but we don't even have the majority vote in the region. Why don't the black people who pestered other black people about voting pester the latin american of any phenotype? But the issue here is voting is a market action. You get votes and return policy. If policy is not returned you don't get votes. The problem here is neither party returns policy, so they get no votes. This goes back to my post earlier of none of the above. I have read or heard so many Black people speak of none of the above as stupid or ignorant but it makes perfect sense. More votes come with quality policy. if the policy is poor, the votes come less and less. This is not foolish or stupid, this is common sense. Schrumpt's campaign has always been simple, the whole government is failing. This is an easy campaign slogan but it works because of the lack of return of policy. No group, whtes/blacks/women/native americans/asians/catholics outside financially wealthy can say the elected representatives who are in their group produce policy they want: to make their lives better or strengthen their culture. So, since one percent are the wealthy, you get fewer and fewer votes from the 99%. I repeat , in south africa, black people voted near 100% when mandela was first elected. why is it 30% now? The people who voted then are still alive. what happened? Very simple, the people who got elected including mandela himself didn't make policies which made the voting bodies lives better or strengthen their culture. So the majorty of the voting body quit voting, common sense. I sign of true maturity. Voting for voting sake is one of the most mentally unstable things you can do. Citation https://censusreporter.org/profiles/62000US36077-assembly-district-77-ny/
  15. I define black americans in this post as black people from canada to argentina whose forebears were mostly enslaved in the usa from the 1500s to 1800s. Very specific so no not, black people from africa or asia as free immigrants today. Now I realize i am very late with this question. But I know that the black populaces of guyana/suriname/french guiana/brazil/venezuela/ecuador all have carnavals. And the black populace of north america has mardi gras. The black communities in haiti/martinique/trinidad all have carnavals. so, while the black american populace has internal difference in language[english , french , portuguese]/religion[traditional/catholic/protestant]/governance [like marooons in northern south america who live on essentially reservations from a usa legal position]/lifestyle[country folk like in dominica, heavily urbanized as in the usa] Nothing binds the continental black american populace heritage wise except Carnaval. I don't have proof but am I wrong?
  16. @Pioneer1 well remember, one thing, the term excommunicado has become more used today for a certain film series but the term for most of the last five centuries was used for those deemed incorrect by christian churches. People who in my view, committed no crime nor warranted the status. And this is what the gnostic movement was originally about. It's earliest incarnation was about the ability to think freely. This is why in china, and parts around in asia, people from the european phsilosophical structure, have problems or think their philosophies are hard. They are not. the problem is that in the white european controlled part of humanity, being enslaved to a set of thinking is considered common. But in that part of white asian controlled part of humanity, someone can be a follower of a branch of taoism + a branch of confucianism + a branch of christianity and it is acceptable. As I say in this very online community, the history of the black populace in the usa is full of various philosophies. All black people want black betterment but they do not fit into one philosophical box and black people who can't accept that are true problems in the populace. The fear tactics primary goal is to get a one mindedness which I find funny people argue against religion for when when one mindedness is sought by more than religious groups, scholarly groups like colleges or universities do it I aruge more than religions, especially in the usa, , governmental groups like parties of governance do it most bluntly or crudely. cultural groups like the black panthers or kkk or naacp do it most dysfunctionally. To be blunt, when someone in the usa uses the word "We" referring to all people in the usa, that is the same one mindedness littered in christian/muslim/jewish/many religions or spiritualities [they are not the same]history. Who is we in the usa? I heard native americans say they are not american. Are they wrong? Who is we? Were the black people who left the usa in relatively large groups in the past wrong? who is we? Does this mean a native american who is currently in elected office in the house is wrong to say they are a proud american? no. but the native american isn't wrong either. Both can be right. And that is the open mindedness that is lacking in the usa or greater whit eeuropean led part of humanity, but that makes sense cause said part main defining point is slavery. The person excommunicated from a christian church is usually an individual. Who is we? Yes, Pioneer, it is more who wants to be alone. Loneliness is a powerful negative. Nobody wants to be completely alone. When you have people speaking for everyone in the group, when black individuals speak for all black people and say all black people in the usa are american, when the wealthy white suburban woman speaks for all woman and says every woman wants the right to choose, when a Christian says all Christians obey some law set, they are speaking the same language. If you don't do this then you are not in this group, you are alone. And because of the past, many people were raised supporting this boxed mindset. And again, most humans don't want to be alone, more than any conscious tugging.
  17. cool, will you buy it as your black art of the month to buy @ModestoGarr?
  18. @Pioneer1 well when I say black or white or mulatto I am not speaking of a geographic distinction. I am speaking of a phenotypical range of skin. not chracter, not age or anything but skin. So, white latinos/white muslims/white women/white asians/yes white africans <I have seen some in africa and not the damn white europeans like theron in south africa>/yes white europeans all exist in a shade of skin. White asians generally are in china/korea/japan/northern india now who are the black asians . southern india/parts of malaysia/indonesia/phillipines/australia/new guinea. The indegenous people from indonesia south to australia are all black. And yes, like many north africans like many latinos in the caribbean , many in south asia are mulatto for obvious reasons. It is well known that chinese long before the white european imperial age went into south asa and interbreeded. Just like white europeans interbreeded into north africa for so long that the mulatto is the most common so in south asia. Now I want to say, this is my view. I ask none to embrace it. I am not a preacher nor do i like proselytizing. I am jsut stating how i see things in this public black forum
  19. @ProfD Well, in your opinion it is mutually beneficial. I can easily argue the usa's manipulations and guidance of Japan+r israel are only beneficial to the usa. But the reason white jews or japanese are mentioned is because of what the usa government gave them. But my point is that the black DOS populace which is over 40 million people is of an uncomparable scale to the white jew who is 8 million or the japanese in the usa who are a million. I will restate , if the Black DOS populace was 8 million like the white jew or one million like the japanese I think profd you will see an entirely positive financial community that already received reparations suitable to your desires. But, a whole lot more DOSers exist in the usa than 8 million or 1 million. More people in any populace mean consensus is harder in that populace, and consensus is necessary when a communal goal like reparations is in the works. And I end with , you have stated you have a view of the usa far more positive than me. so that creates variances in how we see the road of black people in the usa or the relationship of black people in the usa to its federal government or its whites. But, the oldest heritage for black people in the usa is internal disunity concerning the usa. I repeat most free blacks fought against the government you think so highly of to be born. I think the black populace in the sua has always had alot of internal variance or little consensus concerning the usa.
  20. thank you @ProfD good point, the usa government did give something. I think it was easier by scale again. If the usa is over 300 million then one percent is 3 million at the short end, and white jews represent less than 3% of the populace today, far less in the 1900s. The black populace in the usa has always been in the 30% range with a much longer list of grievances than white jews or the japanese. Your 100% correct the federal government gave something. But I think it is more doable. I think this is why reparations for native americans like Blacks, is also a higher challenge than for white jews or japanese. Question does the british government owe reparations to DOS for the time before the USA's founding? IN AMENDMENT DO you think alot of the usa federal government? When I mean alot i mean, you think it is very powerful? I know it may sound silly to ask this as I know the usa militaristic power. No other government in humanity has a more powerful army, which to me is real power, not money. But, your prose made me wonder, if you see the usa federal government as stronger than I do.
  21. @ProfD well, let's be scaled, two reasons why White Jews have maintained a communal structure in their populace in the usa are the elephants in the room about the black populace in the usa. 1st and for me most important. The white jewish populace is small. Remember white jews are significantly smaller than white christian italians/white chrsitian germans/white crhsitian irish/white christian russians even. Not to mention white asians, white latinos. White jews are one of the smallest populaces which is why they have aneasier time growing. Guess what group makes up the majority of poor white trahs. it is White christian germans. German americans are circa 50 million english americans are circa 50 million, italian americans are circa 18 million, white jews are circa 8 million so 10% of german americans and less than 10% of the white populace as a whole. very small. Black Americans are circa 50 million so it is even to compare black americans to white christian germans not white jews. Comparing populaces of extremely different size is not balanced. I think a better comparison to white jews is not blacks but black elephants/republicans. Both white jews or black republicans are an extreme minority in the white or black populace respectively and i think black republicans tend to have a very high financial footprint in comparison to the larger black populace in the same way white jews have in comparison to the larger white populace. So population matters and being small is advantageous in the usa. Japanese americans i argue are the most financially able of asian americans but again, are one of the smallest populaces of asian americans. the hordes of poor chinese will never be rich and will never close the gap to give chinese americans the same financial footprint as japanese americans. The cuban american populace doesn't even represent a tenth of the mexican. so again, the financial footprint is always going to be better for cubans than mexicans. Quantity matters. So when the purple gang was the most profitable gang during prohibition , running out of detroit which borders canada that never illegalized drink, that money went into a very small populace of the usa, that being white jews. SoI end this point with a more even comparison. Black republicans relationship to the larger black populace is equivalent to the populace of white jews to the white populace. 2nd and the white jewish community in nyc is the proof of what i am about to say. The control + infuence of the religious orthodox white jewish tribe in the white jewish community is unlike any other tribe in another populace. white German americans don't dictate to all white americans. Chinese don't dictate to all asian americans. Mexicans don't dictate to all latino american americans. White women don't dictate to all female americans. But the orthodox jewish tribe in the white jewish community have large and I argue dominating influence on liberal jews or other jewish tribes. I will be blunt, the orthodox religious white jewish community in nyc is able to be supported enough by jews who even oppose them to get away with abusing other jews. The black christian community used to have a similar role in the black populace which made a communal structure, but the black christian tribe failed the larger black populace and thus its influence waned. But it isn't that black elected officials have bought into the system. It was always their goal. It isn't buying into. It is what they feel is best. Remember, Frederick DOuglass is the father of black elected officials in the usa, nearly all of them took their cues from him. I quote @Troy to explain. Troy didn't say what I will say, the white criminal justice system, he said the criminal justice system. That wordage goes back to Frederick Douglass who believed in the usa. He believed the usa was for all the people in it regardless of their individual or communal relationship. Douglass believe the sysem in the usa is for all in it. I don't concur to douglass but i comprehend that is his position and black elected representatives from the south carolina legislative majority to obama side eric adams are usually in Douglass philosophical sphere. They don't make policy for black people or feel an obligation to a black agenda, they are for the usa in its entirety. The goal is to be aracial, to have all populaces integrated from their policies. and to your point @Pioneer1 the black republicans are the oldest black elected representative class and they have never deemed themselves as sellouts even though their planning didn't protect black people before or during jim crow. They do look out for themselves individually which is what nearly all elected representatives do. If poor whites in the usa had representatives geared to them today would not be today in the usa. You mention logic but I argue it is heritage. The goal is the key. As Black people in this very online community show, we all want better for black people but the variances is in the details of the goals which are not the same , the heritages we honor which are not the same. The heritages the black republicans honor isn't nat turner's black militanism or exodusters segregation or marcus garvey nationalism, they honor frederick douglass's integration which at its core is black betterment as part of a multiracial whole, sequentially rejecting black above the non black or black centric positions.
  22. @Pioneer1 We both know, gardless of who likes it, The federal government of the usa today can take the lead. Said federal government has the resources. The problem is the complexities of reparations make it , like immigration in all earnest, a hard policy to see through. The federal government of the usa was never designed to be the force of power in the usa that i think many blacks want it to be. The constitution clearly sees the federal government as primarily a protector of the states, but not a guide to the states, and that legal reality makes it hard. Interesting how you speak of the black populace in the usa, making a deal with each state after the federal government's move. the black populace in the usa isn't a community.
  23. @ProfD your title is incorrect. California has not provided reparations. The Black Caucus of California in suggesting bills to be made into laws has not placed money in them. @Pioneer1 I am no lawyer but I oppose your position on states. States do not have the money that their actions in the past garnered from black people in them, in the past. But, States do owe reparations to the black populaces in them. I can use New York State easily. The federal government never legalized slavery, never. and the usa is a federal system which means that which the federal government doesn't put into law is states providence and all states old enough enacted slavery laws. the 1799 law of ny state.So I argue states role in enslavement is larger because the federal government never made slavery legal. And your position on federalism is misplaced. Modern USA is a federalist but before the war between the states, 1865, the usa was more a collection of states than a strong federal goverment. Remember the reason why the confederacy had advantages in the beginning was how small + unprepared+ impotent the federal army was. I asked all members in this group about federalism and only one answered.. https://aalbc.com/tc/topic/10616-black-federalism-in-the-usa/ You like so many blacks in the usa are federalist. But the usa wasn't built that way and modern federalism was non existent in any form before the 1900s. And the reason being that the states didn't want the federal government that powerful but the war between the states was a watershed moment for federalism. @Troy + all others I have in my posts below a reasoning for black elected officials disinterest in giving money. The black family that black elected officials + black communal advocates fought for, in the end, sold all the land back to whites. Were they free to ? yes. But the advocate flat out admitted he was unhappy with the black clan for that and I think that goes into the black elected representatives bills or proposals. But as I asked in this very online community , many times, Do you realize your view of reparations isn't the same as another black person. The problem is one that transcends all issues with the black populace in the usa. The problem is destination. Most Black people, yes including clarence thomas, want a better black populace, a stronger black community, their black individual life bettered. BUT, but the problem is the consensus from the black populace in the usa to what the destination is , is not the same in vital ways, in ways that make planning very difficult. If you have three black people and they have to make a plan on reparations and one say, black people in the usa don't need reparations (which millions of black peopel say) one say, black people need money to leave the usa(which millions of black people say) one say, black people need government programs with no money (which millions of black people say) what plan can be made between the three? The answer is none. My point is the answer is for black groups in florida to be given a choice. The federalism desire by some blacks suggests plans that are bound to fail because they assume a universalism in the black populace in the usa that has never existed. I repeat most free black when the usa was founded fought against the USA's creation. Does anybody black living today not realize what that means. Many black people today still despise the usa, they don't want to be part of the place. I didn't say all, I didn't say all, but many, and many meaning millions. The answer to everything is in parts. To that what does the black populace of AALBC want with AALBC, what do we want to see with this website in the future. EXAMPLES OF MODERN REPEARATIONS- read them all top to bottom to get the temporal flow Black leaders and reparations https://aalbc.com/tc/topic/10327-most-black-leaders-didnt-advocate-for-reparations-even-though-most-black-people-wanted-and-that-made-the-usa-but-it-came-with-a-negative-price-for-black-people/ San Francisco Reparations Round one https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=2216&type=status Round two https://aalbc.com/tc/topic/10155-san-francisco-reparations-round-three/ Round three https://aalbc.com/tc/topic/10148-san-francisco-reparations-another-round/ The Bruce Family and Reparations https://aalbc.com/tc/topic/9989-congratulations-to-the-bruce-family-of-california-who-can-now-begin-reparations I quote the following post in bold After her work getting the Bruces their land back, this is not the outcome community activist Kavon Ward wanted. Kavon Ward: I wanted to see strong, young Black entrepreneurs like Charles and Willa Bruce take up space here and be able to build and develop here, like the Bruces once we're able to do. Community is what got the land back. So, yes, the family won, but the community did not. https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=2349&type=status In conclusion https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=1738&type=status
  24. I am glad I can say in my lifetime i saw none of the above win, cause many people chide that as a false option and i don't think it is. https://news.yahoo.com/nevada-hold-presidential-primaries-caucuses-050306654.html NONE OF THE ABOVE! Now the communal question is why are so many black people opposed to the concept of none of the above?
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