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Day 4 of Carnaval

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@Pioneer1 I know about all the carnivals from canada to argentina. Brasil is the best for me, but I will explain why. In Brasil, when carnaval happens, each community in each city has a carnaval celebration. The carnavals that get on television in Sao Paulo/Rio/Salvador are the ones tourist go to mostly. The average brasilian goes to a smaller, untelevised carnaval celebration in their community in the city. It is like the ball drop in NYC or MArdi Gras in New Orleans, most of the chaos is tourist driven. So, if you want to have a nicer/cleaner/safer experience  in new orleans you need to get off bourbon street, in brasilian cities you need to go to the local carnaval celebrations in the cities of brasil.  


To caribana , I have been there. It's nice. I don't hate it or anything negative. But if I have to chose caribana over mardi gras in new orleans or carnaval in any of the big brasilian cities, caribana losses every time. And, maybe I am just lucky. I am a traveler.  


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I guess it depends on what you're looking for when you go there.
When I went there, I was going there to snag a few of the women and look at the rest.....lol.

I wasn't interested in all of that so-called "partying" so many people do.
Getting drunk, high, dancing around, and acting crazy........

To be honest, I haven't been to Mardi Gras much less the Carnivals in other countries so I really can't speak on them too much.
But I've heard from those who've been there that a lot of those places aren't too safe for Americans, especially when you're drunk and got money.

Caribbean women are Caribbean women.
The ones up in Canada are just as sexy as the ones in the Caribbean or Brazil as far as I'm concerned, without the risk of being kidnapped...lol

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No, both are about the same distance.
I knew New York had a bunch of them, but they really weren't events I had a desire to attend....lol.

Toronto has the diversity of New York without (or atleast a lesser amount of) the negatives.
Crime, filth, racial/ethnic hostilities, etc.....

I want to take a beautiful Haitian or Belize sista back to my hotel room without worrying whether or not she's trying to set a brutha up and do him in....lol.

I want to be able to simply TALK to a Caribbean sista without 4 or 6 Caribbean dudes standing back staring at us raising their shirts and flashing guns...lol.

YOU can have the New York street festivals....thanks for the offer...lol

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