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The financial value online

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928 people in NYC have been recorded or known to ride outside trains.

In a local news report , the words viral/kids/teens/social media was used but no one used the words: money/profit.

People don't seem to comprehend popularity is money. The most popular person online, Cristiano Ronaldo, CR7, has more followers than anyone. He gets money for his quantity of followers. Does he need it? no he has multiples of millions in sponsorship money. Multiples of millions in wage from any club he played on since he became a mature player. 


Could Rich do with his revenue from followings? You damn skippy.

Being followed is money. It isn't worthless. media makes is sound like its worthless. And what does this really relect. The true financial poverty in NYC which many, black white/male female/ jew or gentile are touting as unpresent or false. 

Fiscally poor children know a path to money exist and telling them about jobs that don't exist or jobs going no where, is not going to undo their desire for a path that while risky, if you succeed can be a little money in your pocket.




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