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The power of that Four-letter word

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@Edwina Louise DorchSomething else comes to mind in reference to the book you shared,  and the question that was asked. 'The book asks the question - Who do you love? or What is the color of the person that you love?


First, I chose to start another topic because I didn't want to interfere with the purpose of your entry, but the question of Love, provoked an observation about Four Letter Words, so thank you for igniting my thoughts.


Some four-letter words have lost their power, while other four-letter words have gained strength.


Take the four-letter word LOVE, for example, the word love used to have a powerful emotional connection to the mind, body and spirit. It made you tingle. Now the four-letter word has branched out to mean many things. For example, love ya is another way of saying, bye, and thanks for doin me a solid, and oops, sorry...


On the other hand, the four-letter word HATE hasn't lost its power, and, in fact, has gained momentum.  Even though the four-letter word has branched out to mean many things, its power has remained constant, in that it continues to be associated with a negative connotation.


How about the word FEAR. This word and meaning remained consistent in that it keeps one from taking action whether good or bad.


What four-letter words cause an emotional reaction for you and why?

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