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  1. Fear is a reaction, responding to it is courage.
  2. "Ya make your own luck" - Don Laughlin I agree, be prepared.
  3. Must have been off the scale brutal. This before power tools, municipal water, electricity and comforts. Just a frozen stretch of land and your hands to work with,,, but freedom! When I visit the Civil War country in the relentless summer heat and humidity I think there are no words written to describe the horrors of slavery. Just a tiny bit I remember. Probably because I'm a movie fan. Amazing how the camera loves some actors. Daughter did write how tough it was settling in Colorado at the turn of the century. Daughter now teaches math at a University. Gave up the fat studio paychecks for a teachers salary. Maybe that's on me and my advice to her: "Do what you want, what you like, but get your education." Teaching is in her blood.
  4. BTW: My daughter went on to get her PhD in math and has a minor in wardrobe and costume. That is a thread all in itself too. Daughter worked for awhile at Disney and Disney studios in Wardrobe. Most complicated work they do is for Tiannas Gowns (Prince and the Frog). The one Disney Princess that has several different gowns. Lots of work keeping them dialed in the daughter once said. They have to look 100%/100% of the time. My Disney studio mom worked on the Tiana character design decades ago and styled her after Zola Taylor (Platters), the most beautiful women in a gown of all time. Strikingly gorgeous.
  5. McDaniels family moved from Kansas which brought this up in a search. Check this out, I never heard of it. Another eye opener: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bleeding_Kansas So I take it Kansas though pro Union,, was ???
  6. Thank you for your kind words: I just double checked my memory with wiki and I remembered correctly. I should have checked it before I submitted my post but I got it right. In addition from Wiki: Early life[edit] "McDaniel, the youngest of 13 children, was born in 1893 to formerly-enslaved parents in Wichita, Kansas.[8][9]: 5, 11, 16–17  Her mother, Susan Holbert, was a singer of gospel music, and her father, Henry McDaniel, fought in the Civil War with the 122nd United States Colored Troops.[10][11]: 4  In 1900, the family moved to Fort Collins, Colorado and then to Denver, Colorado." -Wikipedia
  7. At age 10 my daughter had a school report to do based on a famous person. She likes to be different, try and be original. She decided on Hattie McDaniel. Not much material available at the time. This before the internet. Daughter ask the librarian and the Librarian came through and ordered a book, McDaniels biography. Traveling through Colorado we visited sites where McDaniel grew up. A brutal weather conditions area settled by freed slaves. That's a story in itself. The report a success. Another subject considered was Spencer Williams. Actor that played Andy in the controversial Amos and Andy TV series. One of the most financially successful actors to ever work in Hollywood, yet probably one of the most forgotten. My mom worked for Disney and for a while Disney made Instructional movies for governments. Disney's work was animated. Williams had a instructional film production company that did the same, but with live action actors. That's how my mom and he's paths crossed and they became friends. Williams also owned commercial income property and other successful businesses. Me growing up in, working in and married into Hollywood show business I observed one thing. Anyone that's a good actor, is good at anything they do in life. That's just my observations from my experiences. Another subject could be stolen Black composed music. Scott Joplin spent his life trying to protect his copyrights. One infringer is said to be Irving Berlin. Marvin Hamlisch tried the same stunt but was called out early and reset his credits fast. Bob Wills mega hit "Steel Guitar Rag" also stolen note for note from Sylvester Weaver who fought it in court. Oh brother is that ever disputed. Hold each sheet music together up to the light and it's identical music. Just a few ideas above if your loved ones ever are considering a school report.
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