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Happy Belated Haitian Independence Day

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I have always loved the art of Chevelin Pierre, for years now, so even though it is march,and haitian independence is january 1st, it is being shared:)

@chevelin_illustration Happy Haitian Independence Day & HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!! sante, lapè, lapè ak anpil #soupjoumou 😁tout ane a!!! Art by @chevelin_pierre | @chevelin_illustration #independenceday #soupjoumou ♬ Happy New Year - Studio 99



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Lol....what's up with the female Haitian General with the big round butt?

She must be giving the troops inspiration.
Something more to fight for.....lol.

If I had the enough money to do so, I'd gather up my own security and labor team and just GO down to Haiti to help build up parts of that nation.

I'd carve out a "safe section" where we would be so progressive and beautiful.

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