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Tell all the black gamers

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I haven't sat down to play a video game in YEARS.

Maybe I should get into gaming.
Especially as I get older and don't do as much physical things as I did when I was in my 20s for fun.

I was talking to a White associate of mine and we're around the same age.
He is an avid "gamer" and said he got into it about 10 years ago as a form of fun and relaxation.
I asked him what decided to make a 40 something year old man all of a sudden get into playing video games?
He said something to the effect of as he got older sex became less "fun" and more physically demanding for him....lol....but when it comes to video games as long as you have a couch, television, and can see....you can have all the fun you want as old as you get.

I could see an 85 year old man with a bad heart choosing video games over viagara-assisted sex as a healthier alternative for fun.....LOL

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@Pioneer1  well, Blackgameselite is a group in AALBC. Our long term goal or my initial purpose for creating the group is to become a black game developer. But, beyond that the group is open to the black experience in gaming. 


Having said that, what games have you liked in your life, whether card games or board games, not merely video games.


please join


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