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ISO Advance readers for The Delany Bennets

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The Delany Bennets is an African American version of Pride & Prejudice set at a fictional HBCU in North Carolina. 

Publication date is Oct. 5 and I would appreciate reviews on am*zon, GoodReads and others. 


Since the late 1800s, Martin Delany University has provided home, career, and stability for generations of Bennets. Now, in 1999, the latest generation of Bennets prepare for the new millennium, unaware of the changes the year 2000 will bring.
For Professor Elizabeth Bennet, that means questioning her position and dedication within the prestigious HBCU. She’s also tired of defending her rap music studies, especially to stuck-up outsiders like visiting economics professor Dr. William Darcy. When her beloved sister Jane takes an interest in Dr. Darcy’s best friend, Charles Bingley, she forces herself to tolerate him, at least for Jane’s sake.
Dr. Darcy, on sabbatical from Berkeley, looks forward to a productive year studying with one of Delany’s prominent Economics Professors. He soon finds himself charmed by small-town southern life and, to his surprise, Professor Elizabeth Bennet. He came to Delany to work, not fall in love.
Elizabeth’s pride in her connection to Delany wanes as family and work troubles become too big to ignore. The almost daily clashes with Dr. Darcy are also wearing her down, but not in the way she expected. Prejudices crumble as the two academics relinquish to growing passions, but for Lizzy, some offenses may be too deep to ignore.


You can find a copy on Book Sirens here: https://booksirens.com/book/FMPGSPY/TKGJC5V

Or email me to receive a pdf. 


Thank you!

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