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The whileBlack Chronicles' When Strong Black Families Encounter Powerful Whites What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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Why I Became An Author A Hint It Sure Wasn’t To Make A Lot Of Money lol



I’m a 77-year-old retiree who decided two years ago to try my hand at writing an African-American historical fiction story. I majored in Sociology at Tennessee State University, so I have no formal training in journalism or writing. Did I just wake up one day and decide to become an author?


Believe it or not, that’s pretty much what happened!


As you go through life, you never know what event or situation may take you in a direction you never would have expected or be a wake-up call. My wake-up call was the movie “Hidden Figures.” I had one thought after watching the movie: Why didn’t I learn about these smart trail-blazing amazing Black women in school, or did I miss a documentary during Black History Month?


In response, starting with a thought, an African American historical fiction story developed to become “If Cotton Could Talk.” I’m honoring Hidden Figures by writing a story about how we have always been family-orientated, smart, and when pushed, feared.


On a different topic, I’m thinking about something that might be fun. Can you create a situation, and a time period, pick a story suggestion, and write a short story? You authors may use this to help fine-tune your writing skills.


Is anyone interested? If there’s enough interest, I’ll put something together.





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