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Flava: Chapter 3


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When you take a look at your personal history, the one thing you will be forced to contend with is the fact that what you are doing right now is establishing a reputation that is sure to outlive you. Be advised that right now, at this very moment, you are building your legacy. In essence, you are cementing the posterity you will leave behind to be viewed by your loved ones.

Long after you are dead and gone, your deeds will continue to testify either for or against you. Oftentimes, the preacher will embellish his eulogy to make you seem more saintly than you actually were, but what will always remain is the ghosts of your actions and behavior. They cannot be sugar-coated. They are what they are and will forever exist as an indictment against you, meaning that what you choose to do right now will either bless or curse you in the future.

Please remember that until you develop a healthy respect for your deeds and the consequences thereof, you will never be in a position to master your destiny. In all honesty, destiny is so much more than a purely spiritual or intellectual concept. It is a personal belief that the universe owes you and that you are bold enough to claim your rightful due.

For centuries, black women have been existing in a state of perpetual emotional chaos where, by far, low self-esteem has been her greatest demon. Let me say this. It is, perhaps, very complicated being a black woman in today’s society. Black women are faced with the daunting task of trying to make sense of a world where, on a daily basis, they witness, watch, and observe the physical destruction of black men.

What has become obvious to black women is that this trend of killing their men is not going to blow over as this country’s appetite to destroy their men has escalated, and understanding that this trend will continue into the future, black women have to contend with the probability that once the black man has been destroyed, that America will come after them next!

Is this fear reasonable? Of course it is. And the number one reason why this fear is so palpable is simply this: How can you hate the product and not hate the producer? If the black man is the most feared and despised creature in America, then how can it be possible for the black woman to be loved and admired by a society when she is the producer of the thing most loathed by that same society? No matter how pretty and brilliant the black woman is, she cannot disguise her capacity to create what this country deems a monster: the black man!

With the hindsight of history as a backdrop, what has been consistent about humans is that they feel they will lose the battle unless they destroy the source of the problem. That’s why when you call the exterminator to your home, he does not focus on individual pests, he will go directly to the source and seek out the colony in an effort to destroy all of the pests. Well, in America, the black woman is the source.

Here’s the truth. Hidden beneath all the horror of the evening news where black men are the usual suspects in a bewildering array of crimes is the unspoken whisper to black women: “LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE”

To some in this country, the black woman’s womb is toxic and she has been given countless warnings to shut down her baby-making facility which she has blindly ignored. In the 50s, the word went out to black women to have only two children and no more. When this didn’t work, other measures were enacted. One was the sterilization of black men. Did you know that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood was a most vocal advocate of sterilizing black men in the south? She was the one who proposed that black preachers in the south be used to spread the gospel of black male sterilization. She felt that since the black preachers were so charismatic that it would be easy for them to persuade the males in their congregation to get sterilized.

Black women better wake up. There’s a war going on.

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Sorry, alidawriter, but you lost me on this one. Politicizing a black woman's womb is a double edged sword, and as far as I'm concerned, not a subject that men of any color are qualified to speak on.

Wanton breeding, - having one baby after another by different fathers is by anybody's standards ill-advised. Continuing to bring children into the world who you can't take care of is just plain stupid. And it has wide ranging consequences since it involves trying to raise fatherless children. If we're going to apply all of the cliches about the hidden agenda of black genocide when it comes to birth control, then let apply one more cliche about the black-on-black crime that is a blatant overt example of self genocide, and it can be linked to the birth patterns among the black underclasses.

If a sexually-active black woman is responsible enough to protect herself by using birth control, that's her prerogative and no man has the right to tell her what to do with her body. All of these Catholic cardinals and evangelical preachers and political candidates and - black males who have not earned the right to deny a black woman her rights, need to just back off.

Motherhood should be a choice, not a punishment for what hypcrites consider a sin.

When it comes to abortion, and the contrived semantics that pit pro-choice against pro-life, the bottom line is that a woman is entitled to order her prioirities and when it comes to terminating an infant/non-viable fetus, or a baby/ non breathing entity, then that's between a woman and her personal belief. Everybody is not religious. Who has the authority to judge her? She is not breaking the law.

Lecturing black women about their self esteem is also becoming a little tired. Reminding them that they are despised and rejected and manipulated and abused is a downer. Telling them they are Nubian queens rings a little hollow considering the shape the motherland is in.

The resilence that black women are noted for is what should be celebrated. Black woman, like women of the other ethnicities, are out there doin their thing, wearing weaves or wigs or Afros, styling in their stillettos, designer purses on their arms, earning their college degrees, ascending up the corporate world, making inroads into the literary field, and starring in the show biz arena. Down at the club, pleasingly plump sistas in their WalMart finery are shaking their booties drinking their Hennessey, taking a break from their minimum wage work-a-day worlds, having a good time. Sometime the obligation to be a long-suffering martyr gets to be a drag.

No, the lives of black women are not perfect and their status not top but they are not as down-trodden and guilible as you think. Ignorance is bliss? There's something to be said for bliss when stress is the alternative.

In the final analysis, we are all just doing the best we can in a nation that is controlled by greedy, powerful, white men How would making black men extinct benefit these modern day plantation owners???

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Aha! I really wanted to hear from you on this one as I knew I was treading in turbulent waters. I wanted to induce a more in-depth analysis from another perspective. In fact, Flava was written over a decade ago and since then, my views have changed somewhat to the point where both you and I are in lockstep.

And you are correct, the white man does not totally want black men extinct, they would prefer that we be reduced, demoralized, and mentally emasculated. That would better suit his purposes. I will write about another program that originated in the prison that was designed to control the thinking of black prisoners. They opened a prison just for mind-control experiments, but when the word got out about the program that was to be spearheaded by a doctor from Germany, the project was scraped, only to be revised on a smaller scale. Wow...it is frightening what could have happened because I know for a fact that the program worked as I was a seeming victim.

I will also share my thoughts on what I call "Bob C" Black on Black Crime as it happened in my hometown.

In your state of Illinois is a federal prison named Marion which was the toughest prison in the country for a very long time. It was where they sent black men to get killed. It was filled with skinheads and Nazis and other assorted racists who out-numbered the brothas five to one. We were forced to stick together or die. I was there for two years and the smell of death was always in the air. It was very nerve-racking. Nothing mattered except survival. At Marion, you didn't have time to think about your family because you needed all your mental energy focused on staying alive. It was a kind of heart-in-your-throat existence that drove a lot of prisoners crazy I saw things there that shook my faith in humanity. Anyway, I don't know how I regressed. It was what it was! I imagine I need to get a lot of this stuff out of my system. But we all have our demons. Guess what? My demons have demons

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I'm familiar with the notorious Marion prison. Is there anything more mind boggling than "man's inhumanity to man"?

You are a living example of the old adage that says "anything that doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" , alidawriter.

Stay strong, bro.

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