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The truth behind the truth of Brown vs The Board of Education


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Last night as I watched the movie about Thurgood Marshall, I wanted to share a lil' something about one of his greatest feats which was Brown, but do you know what really went down? Well, here's the real deal. Can you say conspiracy!

The conspiracy began with Felix Frankfurter, a Supreme Court Justice, who had been a director of the NAACP for 18 years. First off, Frankfurter should not have been allowed to hear the case brought on by the NAACP due to a conflict of interest. Additionally, Frankfurter was in direct contact with Thurgood Marshall even though such contact was illegal. Despite this, the preliminary vote in the case was 6-3 against Brown. With so much at stake, murder was not out of the question. And just what was at stake? The future of race relations in America whch was a big prize for those on both sides of the issue.

When the Supreme Court shut down its 1952-53 session with no ruling on Brown, the 6-3 vote against Brown remained the anticipated outcome because everyone knew that Chief Justice Vinson was committed to issuing an opinion against Brown and the NAACP. This announcement had alredy been established by an internal Supreme Court memorandum.

What happened next is this. On October 12th, 1953, Vinson would convene a short hearing to rule against Brown, but on September 8th, Vinson died suddenly of a heart attack! At 63, Vinson was in excellent health and had no known medical problems. Most insiders were not surprised at his death.

Seven months later, President Eisenhower appointed Earl Warren as the new Supreme Court Justice, and seven months later, with no prior notice, Warren issued an unamimous ruling for the NAACP instead of the anticipated 6-3 ruling against Brown!

Nothing was made of the accusation that Vinson had been removed because he stood in the way of a favorable ruling for the NAACP. However, Vinson's son also met with a sudden death when he tried to uncover info on his father's sudden demise.

Supreme Court Justice Frankfurter was never reprimanded for his unethical behavior and though Capitol Hill concluded that Vinson had indeed been murdered, there was no investigation.

Why was Brown so important? Frankfurter was identified as the top dog of a powerful communist cell in DC. and it was this communist element, along with the Jews, who were the primary people that controlled the black middle class. Brown was important because the Jews and the communists wanted to destroy the black middle class they had created since the black middle class had become too independent. Therefore the plan was to destroy the current black middle class and then usher in a new black middle class who would stick to the script. In the meantime, they would place the rest of the black population under the absolute control of the government.

To do this, the Jews and the communists knew that in order to destroy the black middle class, they would have to invent a thing called "integration" and with Brown, which swept away the "separate but equal" doctrine, the door was wide open to eliminate viable black businesses that catered exclusively to blacks. Blacks saw Brown as important due to the emphasis on educational equality. Frankfurter and the crew saw it as important because it paved the way for the destruction of black America. As it has been said, "integration integrated the black man out of everything he owned and into hell on earth."

But there was more. Of course, it was MONEY! A few years later, Frankfurter masterminded the decision in Shelley vs Kraemer which ultimately made DC a chocolate city. With this ruling, real estate developers began the practice of "block-busting" where one black family, mostly from North Carolina, was moved on every block in DC. Without delay, white folk sold their homes at rock-bottom prices and fled to Virginia and Maryland. Fortunes were made and overnight DC went from being lily-white to becoming all-black.

Guess what happened then. Mo' money, Mo' money, Mo' money! As whites fled to the suburbs of Virginia and Maryland, their fear of the black man led to billions of dollars in the sales of locks, alarm systems----and guns. So you see, Brown was one of the biggest money-making ventures in the history of the country at the time as huge profits were made in the wake of the decision.

Breaking with their white backers was viewed as a radical act, and the black middle class of the 50s was punished for it, but it was the integration that followed the Brown decision and the culture it spawned that doomed the rest of us.

Stay tuned for more on the destruction of Black America as I will carry you through the 60s. In the meantime, read "When I Say Jump" about other legal trickery used on black folks.Find the book on Amazon.com.http://bit.ly/whenisayjump

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Welllll, alidawriter, when you inject Communism into this conspiracy theory, then I cast a jaudiced eye at it.

Communism was never able to make inroads into our democractic system in general and the black community in particular. The idea that Communists in America wielded enough power to ensure the passage of the Brown decision and thereby destroy the black middleclass through integration is predicated on your contention that at that time the black middleclass was too strong and independent. Oh, really? The state that the black middle class had evolved into in the early 1950s was a fatuous one, fraught with materialism and a preoccupation with making itself a carbon copy of the white bourgeoise. The idea that this apolitical segment was a threat to the plans of Jews and Communists is questionable.

Paul Robeson was rendered totally impotent and ostracized for his Communst affliation. The black listing in Hollywood and the McCarthy Hearings in the 1950s eventually revealed how the paranoia about the Communism threat in America was ludicrous. There wasn't a "pinko" hiding behind every tree because the American Communist Party was plagued with the in-fighting and power struggles that made these comrades nothing more than impotent radicals.

During the cold war, the threat of Communism was kept alive through an ongoing conflict with Russia because America needed a villain in order to cast this country as the Good Guys and leaders of the free world.

America also needed a boogeyman to scare its population into the believing that democracy was in danger but that Uncle Sam would protect them and keep them safe by fighting a war against Communism in Vietnam, a ploy that played into the hands of the military-industrial complex. This was where money came into the equation.

MLK was an advocate of integration because he believed this was the only way true equality could be achieved. Malcolm X knew better. Today integration is a dream that didn't exactly turn into a nightmare but rather an illusion that challenges reality. Where race is concerned there is no such thing as color-blindness and xenophobia is alive and well. The manipulation of Jews and Communists wasn't needed to prove this.

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I never mentioned that the middle class was strong. They weren't in particular. And when I said they were independent meant they acted independently of the aims of their controllers. The premise was for the middle class to become in fact, a replica of their white counterparts, and many did. But they were those who cared about blacks less fortunate and assisted them. Building up a strong black economy was never a part of the overall scheme, but in a lot of places, you had thriving businesses. You even had what was termed "Black Wall Streets" in a lot of different cities.

Those in control needed the black middle class to help get a lot of programs off the ground. For instance, The Small Business Administration. The Jews would use the blacks to secure the funds and then use the money to further their own business interests. But some blacks refused to be a flunky and started legit businesses that kept the money within the black community which was a no-no. In my hometown, there was a thriving middle-class, but the neighborhood was razed to the ground and we have never recovered. That was the scenario all across America in the guise of urban renewal which again was a thinly-veiled attempt to thwart black economic progress.

I guess you will find this hilarious, but I was a communist! No, not the "pinko" type you made reference to, but yes, as a member of the revolutionary struggle, I was what was called an avowed communist as was Angela Davis and most of the others in the Black Panther Party and elsewhere in the movement. Spent countless hours studying dialectical materialism or whatever it was called. Had the chance to meet some real "pinko" communists and some were just as bad as a redneck.

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So you think there are sinister forces who want to thwart black economic independence and destroy black businesses so that they won't be in competition with - who??? The Arabs and ASians who are now the merchants in the inner cities, selling the wares that have been manufactured in China? Did the grand plan concocted by the shady conspirators backfire????

Do you have a theory as to why Blacks are always the target of schemes designed to disenfranchise and repress them?? Are they a part of the problem instead of part of the solution?????

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My theory is this. White perceive us as a threat to the welfare of this nation: however they react more to the fear of this threat than the actual threat itself and it is this fear of a threat that has caused them to target us. In history, there has always been "the revenge factor" where oppressed people have over a course of time came back to fight against their oppressors. Look at the civil war a decade or so ago between the hutus and tutsis of South Africa. One group oppressed the other and just as soon as the oppressed group grew strong enough to take revenge they did, even if it was a hundred years later. This is the historical stereotype white America fear, what Malcolm called "chickens coming home to roost" Some may even call it karma, but white people know that one day they must face what they have done to black people. History never forgets.

White people don't destroy black business in order to keep us from being competitive. They destroy black businesses so that we would possess the financial resources to make us a viable political force. Being broke also assures that we can't buy "the armaments of war" to fight with. Being broke also assure a kind of dependency.

One of the aims of COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program of the 60s) was to destroy black businesses and as a result white shopping mall came into existence. They felt that lower prices and better goods would lure black shoppers away from black-owned businesses and into he mall where the money was kept in white hands.

White America view Asians and Arabs as rivals. They perceive us a threat which is much worse. Even during the height of the Cold War, the fear of internal discord was greater. Most great nations have been torn down from within. Even more, with the so-called threat of Islam, what is most feared are home-grown terrorists.

During the 60s, all the other countries, Russian, Cuba, Libya etc. all viewed us a type of Moses. Why? Because no one knows a master better than his slave. In the same way that Moses was reared up in the household of Pharoah, the black man has been raised up in the household of America and could possibly do more harm to this country than any outside force, provided we were politically united and economically strong.Even during the Vietnam war, the Vietnamese repeatedly told black soldiers that they had no beef with them, that they should so home and fight the real enemy-the white man. Russia and Cuba offered to arm us if we would wage a revolution. Even Libya, not so long ago, hooked up with the El-Rukn in Chicago, funding them.

Whether we are a threat or not, America sees us as such. That why, Duke University and other schools were given money to fund programs to find "the aggressive gene" in blacks and then search for a way to make it recessive, all so that we would be less of a threat. Is the fear justified? It is true that we inherit our hatreds from those before us. Have you ever disliked someone because your Mother, sister or best friend disliked that person? Look at the Hatfields and the McCoys.Hannibal took up the fight against Rome after his father Hasdrubal had been killed. After the austerity programs enacted against Germany after WWI, the German people never forgot this defeat and when Hitler came along talking "get-back"....it was on. Even on a street level, when you do something to a person, you are constantly looking over your shoulder. Why? Because it is human nature to want to get back at anyone who has done you wrong.

This fear of a black backlash against slavery was the reason why many whites wanted to start the re-colonization movement back to Africa. That was a failure, but it was noted that this county would one day pay a dear price for not exporting us back to Africa.

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Interesting. You have put the America zeitgeist into words, articulating the unconscious mindset that is entwined with the sense of privilege and entitlement that many white people don't even realize they have.

Lurking in the background is the growing Hispanic presence in this country, and competition from the Asian and Arab niches must certainly be of more concern to the white power structure than the threat posed by the army of black men loitering on corners with their jeans hangin off their butts or languishing away in prisons, pumping iron and converting to Islam or cloaking themselves in the materialistic trappings of perceived status. As usual black folks are on the fringes, watching the game they have paid to see played.

"Babylon" is in deep shit. amerika is being eroded by forces that it won't be able to maintain control over. This may be good for some and bad for others, but for those not concerned with subjective judgments, this country will one day be "different". C'est la Vie.

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