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I wish someone would write the book in the subject. The assumption is since we have more access to information that we are automatically better off -- when on every measurable level we are not.

The assumption is that if we put a PC's in every classroom the students will be better off, or if everyone gets a 3D 60" flat screen TV with 1,00 channels and we'll be better entertained.

It is very frustrating dealing with people who believe society is better off but can not point to a single thing that is actually better (especially for Black folks) other than to say technology has improved.

Sure there have been advances for individuals as a result of technology, but I'm talking about the masses; who continue to be largley exploited -- with the aid of technology.

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Indeed, indeed, Bro! Perhaps those of us here who feel this way can pool our thoughts and talents together... We could write the book that we wish to see.

Cynique! We did, didn't we? Everything is everything, I'm so glad to be back around. This forum is one of the only ones on the net that I actually like. Love it, actually. :-)

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Waterstar :) Spread the word! I wish I had tme for a book I'm doing everything I can to help Black books have a voice online.

I just created a database of Black bookstores: http://aalbc.com/writers/bookstores.html There are 87 stores n this list and I hope to add more this is what remains after account for the closing of over 200 stores! I through websites were dying.

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