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Democrats are also plotting ways to get white votes. That's the name of the game, boitumelo. This election is really up for grabs. Obama is certainly not a shoo-in. Romney is so slippery and glib that he doesn't inspire passion. People don't like or dislike him so they look past him and focus on the economy and the fact that he represents change works in his favor. Obama, on the other hand, is either loved or hated and where the economy is concerned, he is either criticized or defended but, in either case, nobody wants more of the same.

Maybe female voters will be who comes to Obama's rescue, because they don't want nobody messin with their right to control their bodies. Promises to alleviate the burden of student loans might also attract a certain element of the young voters. to his side

If the vote ends up being close, I'm sure the loser will contest the count and America may very well be in a state of turmoil for months. The electoral college might even be declared unconstitutional.

All this is what happens when the great melting pot cools off and the different ethnic groups begin to congeal instead of blend. Even more threatening is the possibility of a class war.

JC, if ya comin back, hurry up, Bro. Babylon is in trouble... :(

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