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A pall of gloom hangs over the the Chicagoland sports community. We were all set to don our Bulls jerseys and root our heroes on through the NBA play-offs. Optimism was high. The Bulls had racked up the winningest record in the NBA, a feat which earned them first place in their division and home court advantage throughout the entire series. Our superstar MVP point guard, Derek Rose, was healthy, as was his backcourt partner, Rick Hamilton. The starting line-up was rarin to go and the "bench mob" ready to step up. It's was going to be a long, hard-fought process, but the championship was in our reach. :D

And then in their first play-off game against the Phildephia 76ers, with only 2 minutes left to play, instead of being on the bench where all of the second guessers believed he should've been, Derek Rose tries one of his signature moves - and down he goes, injuring his knee. :(

Helped off the court, examined by doctor, diagnosed with a torn ligament. arthroscopic surgery scheduled, DRose out for the rest of the season. Coach Tom Thibideau also becomes a casualty, going from genius to goat, overnight. :angry:

I know. Life is full of disappointments. And professional sports is just a bunch of grown men playing childish games. But phooey. <_< The only thing positive about this whole situation is that if the Bulls should go all the way, winning the trophy, their fans will have witnessed a miracle!. :)

Well, maybe Chicago ain't done yet with being the target of magic. Our White Sox basebal team just celebrated the grand accomplishment of, Phillip Humber, one of its lesser known pitchers who did what has only been done 21 times before in the entire 130-year history of major league baseball. He pitched a perfect game; faced 27 batters in 9 innings and got em all out. No hits, no runs, no errors.

We can dream can't we?? :rolleyes:


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so bummed about D. Rose! unbelievable...but what'r'ya gonna do. Poor thing. He was probably so worried about all the other near broken parts, that he forgot about protecting those knees. Some lady on the news this morning said that it didn't help that the season was so short & they crammed all those games in without the benefit of their normal conditioning & physical therapies and whatnot. Oh well...no choice but to keep plugging along. Go Bulls!!! I'm still wearing my jersey! :o)

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