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I can't believe these big city mayors currently making news! :huh:

Not just content to limit how large a soft drink fast food customers can order in public places, NY mayor, Michael Bloomberg, is advocating that hospitals charge new mothers for the infant formula required should they choose not to breast feed. Puleeze. All of these LaLeche busybodies can't protest enough about bans placed on mothers nursing in public, claiming these mama cats have a right to do so. If this makes onlookers uncomfortable then, tut-tut - or tit-tit in this case. :P But if a woman decides she doesn't want to fulfill the second step of the ritual/fad that follows showing off her baby bump for a disinterested world to admire, by suffering through 3 months pretending she enjoys shutting up a bawling brat by poking her gnawed nipple in its mouth, she should be able to do this without being intimidated or penalized. There are a lot of extenuating circumstances when it comes to breast-feeding and its benefits ain't all they're cracked up to be because of things that a mother can inadvertantly pass on to her baby. But this doesn't impact on people who want to dictate how others should live their lives. :(

Not to be out done in overstepping his bounds when it comes to public policy Chcago's mayor Rahm Emanuel has sided with the city alderman who doesn't want a Chick-fil-A business opened in his ward because the CEO of this organization doesn't support same sex marriage, preferring the biblical definition of this "holy state" as being a union between a man and a woman. Mayor Emanuel voiced approval of the alderman's objection saying Chick-fil-A's values do not reflect those of the city of Chicago. Get outta here, Rahm. When's the last time you walked through the hazardous homophobic streets of Chicago's black neighborhood? Far be it from me to defend reigious caveats, but I think a merchant has the right to believe what he wants to believe as long as he doesn't discriminate against customers. Jeeze! :o

I went out and looked at the full moon last night, because at my age I won't be witnessing many more of these celestial wonders that have always appealed to my werewolf tendencies. :wacko: I feel the same way about this unusually hot summer, glad that I have lived long enough to experience what I,as a Leo, have always thought the weather should be like this time of the year. Hot and Sunny; relief supplied by an occasional balmy breeze. I love nature, but the world's inhabitants pollute it. If, all of a sudden, my posts stop, consider that me and Morgan Freeman have slipped "through the worm hole" and have become one with the universe! :)

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Boy, this Chick-fil-A constroversy has really taken off! Franchises all over the country report record sales as freedom-of-speech advocates as well as anti-same-sex marriage zealots jammed their stores, turning out in full force yesterday to show their support for this company and its CEO. Long lInes formed all around the locations. Now the gay community is rallying its forces to stage their demonstrations against this fast food giant. This same-sex marriage issue has certainly polarized the country. Everbody agrees about the bad state of the economy but the state of matrimony incites intense disagreement as it relates to who should marry whom. :angry:

And if there are any other lunatics out there, they, like me, will undoubtedly be delighted to hear that the month of August will allow us to witness a rare phenomenon because it will have 2 full moons! :) :) The one that was still around at the beginning of the month and another one that will appear at the end of the month! The second one is called a blue moon and this is where the "once in a blue moon" expression originated to describe something that happens only once in a great while! Hummm. They say more babies are born during full moons. Hope their mommies won't feel guilty if they defy NY Mayor Bloomberg and his campaign to promote breast feeding, by emulating the mothers of my generation who stuck bottles in their babies mouths, and even had special devices that sterilized nipples and the bottles that they happily filled with Simulac. Of course the argument could be made that this accounts for the baby boomer generation being so greedy for satisfaction... ^_^

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Boy, this Chick-fil-A constroversy has really taken off! Franchises all over the country report record sales as freedom-of-speech advocates as well as anti-same-sex marriage zealots jammed their stores, turning out in full force yesterday to show their support for this company and its CEO. Long lInes formed all around the locations.

Do you attribute any of this to the fact that the Chick-fil-A restaurants were giving out free sandwiches on yesterday?

I also tend to doubt that those long lines at various locations were formed only by heterosexual people.

Free stuff often transcends class, race, age, sexual orientation and/or even politics.

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Well, maybe "free" as in buy one and get one "free". All of the on-the-scene news reports and articles that covered the 3 Chick-fil-A franchises in this area never mentioned anything about the long lines of people being given free sandwiches.

This is a political issue that is, indeed, making strange bedfellows; liberal "freedom-of-speech" advocates allied with conservative homophobes all on a matter of principle. There were even reports of some gay people supporting Chick-fil-A's CEO's right to express his personal opinion, as long as he didn't discriminate against gay cliental.


Today's state of affairs elicit a lot of mixed emotions for me, personally, especially when it comes ro Obama. :wacko:

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I chick-fil-a-cow-appreciation-day.jpg

Chick-fil-A Promised Free Meals to Cow Lovers on Cow Appreciation Day

For those of you who didn’t know (which might actually be all of you), last Friday the 13th was Cow Appreciation Day. It was a day dedicated to showing your love for the majestic cow by dressing up in a head-to-toe cow costume. We’re still perplexed as to how this actually benefits these animals, but regardless the fast-food joint Chick-fil-A was very into this weird holiday.

In fact, they were offering a free meal to anyone who came in one of their restaurants on Cow Appreciation Day partially or fully dressed as a cow. The deal was good for breakfast, lunch or dinner, depending on when customers felt the most secure with themselves to go out in public like that.

Some of the 1,600 participating locations also decided to use this Cow Appreciation Day promotion for charity, promising to match the value of all donations received for World Vision, the organization behind “Sponsor a Child.”

If you remember, Chick-fil-A has been a major source of controversy due to claims the company is anti-gay in its support of pro-Christian organizations, though Chick-fil-A denies these claims. That said, does this Cow Appreciation Day initiative make you want to eat Chick-fil-A more now?

Every year, Chick-fil-A restaurants celebrate ‘Cow Appreciation Day’ by giving customers free food for dressing up like the spotted farm animal

Chick-fil-A appreciation day brings fans, critics to streets


You +1'd this publicly. UndoMike Huckabee encouraged a Chick-fil-A appreciation day, to support ... recommends these fun weekend events. ... Originally published: August 2, 2012 7:37 AM ... dressed in a cow outfit, advertises free chicken sandwiches

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I checked the Chicago newspapers and there was nothing in their articles about free food being passed out in connection with cow appreciation day at the local Chick-fil-As around these parts; more coverage given to those criticizing Obama for not coming to town and at least making a gesture of concern by speaking out against all of the street killings. My "sanctimoneous" daughter and her church group went to a nearby one to support this company CEO's stance and didn't see any cows in the long lines or receive any free food. Can't speak for other parts of the country. Whatever, it makes me no difference. I'm a Pop Eye's Chicken patron. Also have no sentiments one way or another about gay marriage. But I'm leery about a precedent being set by those who are succesful in penalizing people for their religious beliefs. Next thing I know, they might be picketing my house for my practice of paying homage to the sun and the moon.

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I wonder if your daughter or any of the church members did not receive any free food due to a lack of customer appreciation coupons.

The lines were crazy in my area as well. Traffic blockage not only here but in surrounding areas and all over the country, not just in Chicago. I know people in America are often as religilous as they can be, but I doubt that those lines and all of that traffic had no connection to some type of customer appreciation deals. I say this not only because lines were ridiculous but also because Chick-fil-A generally sends out coupons for free stuff anyway, their free stuff is especially popular for customer appreciation.

On a pretty funny side, there is a satirical campaign going on. "CFA Cares".



Chick-fil-A Parody Offers to Swap 'Homosexuality for Chicken Sandwich'

As if Chick-fil-A needed another public relations headache, it's become the target of a new paordy site created in protest of company president and COO Dan Cathy's opposition to gay marriage.

[More from Mashable: Cybersecurity Bill Inches Closer to Passing]

The Chick-fil-A Foundation is a website cleverly designed to mimic the real Chick-fil-A site, except it's full of satirical content that defends Cathy's comments and calls on gay people to renounce their homosexuality.

Visitors are even greeted with a coupon for an unorthodox deal -- gay people are asked to "trade their homosexuality" for a free Original Chicken Sandwich. The faux coupon "only applies to persons currently choosing to be gay" who "renounce homosexuality," and is only good for one sandwich "per saved person."

[More from Mashable: New Tool Connects Facebook Friends With Political Campaigns]

The "Foundation's" staff includes "John," "Robert" and "Harvey the Cow" -- likely a reference to Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California (the joke has numerous layers, as the real Chick-fil-A uses cows in its advertising campaigns).

A satirical letter posted by "Dan Cathy" says, "If a man married to a man or a woman married to a woman is your definition of a family and you are looking for a place to grab a quick bite to eat, I would encourage you to look elsewhere because that is not Chick-fil-A's definition."

There's also a Twitter account, @CFAcares, tied into the satirical campaign. It's mostly been tweeting at politicians who oppose gay rights including Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann, whose husband has been accused of offering "gay therapy" services.

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Bloomberg's over reach and utilization of limited resources for silly things is legendary. I heard somewhere that his net worth increased from 8 Billion to 24 billion during his 12 years in office. The last 4 years purchased for about 3/4 of a billion.

The Chick-fil-A scandal can be summed up with your statement "but I think a merchant has the right to believe what he wants to believe as long as he doesn't discriminate against customers"

Speaking of Chi-town has Jackson Jr. been located?

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The link below details a familiar scenario that plays itself out all over America; black folks and cops seem to be natural enemies. This incidents hits very close to "home" with me, as the sides line up to accuse each other.


Here's another newstory that is stunning Chicagoland's black community. Here is the problem. What is the solution???


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Here is the video from the 2nd article:



The US is firing on all cylinders when it comes to destroying Black folks.

I know someone will say it is Black folks in and shooting this video so why blame the US of America. Of course getting into all the conditions that led to this situation would involve more time than I have right now.

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Cynique, the shooting in Maywood while tragic seems justified. A little girls darts into the street and the off duty police officer crashes his bike trying to avoid her. The girl's family starts to beat the crap out of the cop and he shoots in self defense.

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Yes, Troy, it does sound justified, but the family of the deceased is, of course, telling a different story, claiming the cop didn't identify himself as being a policeman. In a confrontation between the popos and a black man, there are always 2 different versions of what happened because of the adversarial dynamic that exists between them. I would like to know if the cop was white or black. What I do know is that in so many of these shootings involving young children, too often these babies are places where they shouldn't be at a time of night when they ought to be inside their homes instead out with someone who is not watching them carefully. Seems like every month an unattended young child is falling out an apartment window.

Meanwhile, even the notorious Reverend Jeremiah Wright is speaking out on all of the violence, saying that the system is not going to fix things, and that black folks will have to look inward to save themselves from themselves. Incidentially, in the hood, the city is now being referred to as "Chiraq".

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I hear you Cynique, I know there are at least two sides to every story and a third -- the truth.

So if the shooter said, "hey, I'm a cop" does that mean they would not have kicked his ass? Or rather, it is OK beat someone down, as a result of an accident (they caused), if he was not a cop? No matter how you look at it they should not have ganged up on the guy.

But again I was not there, However, the way the article reads I think even our friend, Milton would have whipped out his piece to prevent himself from being killed.

I was in a similar situation; driving down a city street someone walked out in front of my car, from between parked cars, in the middle of the street, against the light. I slammed on my breaks, but was unable to stop in time. I hit homeboy, he flew into my windshield, smashing it, and landed in front of the car. I did not know if I'd killed him or not -- but I do know there was nothing I could have done to avoid hitting him.

When I got out the car to see what happened I was immediately surrounded by a mob of folks -- one yelling, "He did it, I saw him, he did it!!" This enraged me (good thing I did not have a gun), but I was also scared what might happen next. Out of nowhere some plain clothes cops -- just told me to get out of there. Which I promptly did.

I'm Black, the crowd was Black, we were in Harlem, the cops were white. I truly believed those cops saved from a bad situation that day. The guy I hit was intoxicated and survived.

They refer to Philadelphia as "Killadelphia". We could probably come up with a list of similar names other dangerous chocolate cities.

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Wow,Troy! Who knew? You're lucky to have "dodged the bullet" after that incident! Everybody hates a cop - until they need one.

Kiladephia, huh? That's a "good" one. When it comes to creating colorful slang, Black folks take the cake. Too bad all cake amounts to is crumbs.

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