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Why Haiti Matters by Barack Obama


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President Obama wrote an essay that is in Newsweek and the cover title. Take the facebook poll on Did Rush Limbaugh go too far with a Racial Attack on Obama over Haiti? Link to the Poll on http://DTPollard.com

Why Haiti Matters

In the tragic

aftermath of Haiti's 7.0 earthquake, images of the disaster break our

hearts and remind us of the fragility of life. What America must do

now?and why.

By Barack Obama | NEWSWEEK

Published Jan15, 2010

From the magazine issue dated Jan 25, 2010


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Ya know, when a good friend of mine told me what this moronic bloated ignoramus said, I did not believe him. I had to look it up. I read it and heard the audio clip. It's difficult to believe that a human being could be that incredibly stupid and racist. But coming from this master of venomous blather, distortions, lies and bombast, it is no surprise. What is more depressing, is the fact that there are millions of people who listen to Limbaugh and cling to every word he says. I guess it says something about the bottom fed gullibility and ignorance of so many Americans.

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