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"Uncle Catfish" a Novel by Chandra Borden Free eBook (11/3 & 11/4)

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Writegirl. if I may...

Uncle Catfish [Kindle Edition]

by Chandra Borden


I’m a daddy’s girl. But that wasn’t always the case. For years I used to run to my father’s arms, squealing “Daddy, Daddy,” with hopes of stealing his heart. In return, Len Earle Woods would greet me the way he greeted everyone, with a laid back demeanor and a cool-dude smile. I wasn’t a daddy’s girl at that point. I was just another kid.

But it would take one visit from Uncle Catfish, the summer before my eighth grade year, to change all of that. Click to learn more or to download your copy today! Only 99 cents!


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Cool. I'll update the title of this post too. The title of the post is what gets captured by the search engines and make it much easier for people to share information with others via social media. There is no need to be low key here ;)

Hickson should give a course on how to work this discussion board. His posts get many views for a reason.

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