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New Xin Boda - I introduce myself

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Dear readers, writers, poets, friends, you,

Please forgive me, I use this

As I introduce myself

Dear readers, writers, poets, friends, this is the first part of my self-introduction,

By the Italian poet Vinum Divinum, translated from English into Italian

Cari lettori, scrittori, poeti, amici, questa è la prima parte della mia auto-introduzione,

Con il poeta italiano Vinum Divinum, tradotto dall'inglese in italiano,

By fengwenshu

【Il nuovo Xin Boda - Mi presento】

Cari poeti, amici lettori, sono molto felice di essere giunto in questo bel posto. Per favore, perdonatemi voglio presentarmi, cari poeti, amici lettori.

Sappiamo che, [Notti Arabe], il vecchio Xin Boda, legandosi al corpo di un grande uccello, è arrivato in una bella ed incantata valle di gemme.

Bene, per sviluppare ed ampliare la mia vita, i generosi ingegneri britannici Deem · Berners Lee per creare un magico, bello, grande uccello: internet. Così il mio nuovo Xin Boda mi ha portato nel vostro magico, grande e bel paese: l'Italia.

Diciamo che il grande pittore e scultore italiano Michelangelo è un eroe; una volta per me questa venerazione per le grandi culture procurava una grande quantità di forza spirituale. Felice ricordo la più amata e bella creatura di Michelangelo, la scultura del giovane David: il giovane uomo David, che regge una pietra, pronto a combattere Golia. Ricordandola a lungo da bambino ho sognato quell'invincibile giovinezza di Davide - io sono il giovane David di oggi, questo è il mio sogno di superare le grandi difficoltà che incontro durante la vita per avere una grande dose di coraggio, forza e fiducia nella vittoria. Felice quindi che il mio piccolo flauto di bambù, prima come membro del gruppo, canti delle lodi. Grazie alla grande arte del Mahatma, al bellissimo spirito artistico di Michelangelo: questo è il mio piccolo flauto di bambù che canta poesie:


[Modificato da Vinum Divinum 21/11/2012 12:23]

New Xin Boda - I introduce myself】

Dear Poets, Readers friends Very happy to come to you this beautiful place, Please forgive me, I intend to introduce myself,

Dear Poet, Readers friends

We know that, [Arabian Nights], old Xin Boda, Tying themselves in the body of a large bird, From the dangerous old Xin Boda This bird, brought a charming, beautiful gems valley

Right, It is in order to develop and expand my life, kind-hearted British engineer the Deem · Berners Lee to create magical, beautiful big bird ----- Internet, so my new Xinbo Da Xin Boda, set to your magic, great, beautiful country ---- Italy If we say,

That the great Italian painter, Sculptor Michelangelo for the hero's point of view -that a person decides himself To become the hero of the moment, This man has become a hero, This is the sculptor Michelangelo thought [Michelangelo biography from the American author Washington Irving Stone,I know that this idea of Michelangelo If we say, That the great Michelangelo This is a very interesting idea, This is for the hero's point of view, Once for me this worship of the great cultures, Arts hero of the people, Provide a great deal of spiritual strength, Happy, remember Michelangelo Most beloved beautiful children ----- Sculpture of the young David ---- The young man David, Hand holding a stone, Ready to fight against Goliath Used many times, A long time, the Little me, Daydreaming Dreamed that invincible youth David ----- I is the youth of today David This dream,For me to overcome the enormous difficulties in their own lives,

For I beat my own life in great difficulties,To provide a great deal of courage,Force,The confidence of victory,Happy,

Therefore,My little bamboo flute, first as a member of the choir,

To sing, praise,Thanks for the great art of MahatmaThe beautiful artistic spirit banner Michelangelo,This is my little bamboo flute Sing poetry ----- the first movement,

To be continued,





对,正是为了发展,和扩大我的生命,那善良的英国工程师迪姆·伯纳斯·李,创造的神奇,美丽大鸟-----Internet,使我这个新的辛伯达Xin Boda ,载到了你们的神奇,伟大,美丽国家----意大利,






【New Xin Boda - I introduce myself】2

If say,

That the great Michelangelo

This is a very interesting idea,

This is for the hero's point of view,

The most beloved children ----- beautiful sculpture of the young David,

Once for me,


A great of mental strength, joy,


A great of courage, strength,

Confident of victory, joy, many years ago,

Well, the Italian Renaissance, the

Beautiful and great Italian

Created forever new amazing

This Italian spirit, culture Thunderbolt,

So my worship ----- I worshiping with People

In this spirit, culture Thunderbolt,

So my worship,

Rosed to

The highest mountains of the Universe

By beautiful and great Italian,

Created forever new amazing,

Spirit, cultural Thunderbolt,

Is the main idea of ​​the Italian Renaissance,

The main spirit core idea ----- that people be able to

Defeat all can not defeat the enemy, difficult,

One can create




Beauty myth

Fairy tale, a miracle, magic,

This is

I know and understand Italian

The main idea in the Renaissance, the main spirit

Core ideological

Let us

Call this a beautiful time of culture,

We call Italy

Main idea Renaissance

Main spirit

The core ideological ------ beautiful culture time,

At the same time, the spirit of this Italian creation,

Cultural Thunderbolt,

the beauty of the culture time,

helped me a good understanding of

understood, explained.

The ancestors of my country

Life ------ that thousands of years ago

Ancestors of my country life ------

Also, I put a beautiful and great Italian

Created this forever new amazing


----- Cultural Thunderbolt beautiful culture time

As my belief,

From this beautiful culture time,

I Continue to drew spiritual strength

Power forward, confident of victory,

Like a small fish, continuously from the sea,

Drew their own nutrition and growth of life force,

This is what I

This is a small bamboo flute,

Sing the second verse -----

The second movement ----- singing,

Praise and thanks to the great and beautiful Italian

Created this forever new amazing


----- Cultural Thunderbolt beautiful culture time,

To be continued

By fengwenshu

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