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Science is a Religion

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There are 2 types of science.

Science in the classical use of the term.

Science in the contempary use of the term.

Classical science is the collection of verifiable facts and other forms of information based on observation and experimentation.

It's not beholding to any particular institution or tied to any agenda.

Contemporary science...especially in the West....seems to be a religion or fraternity.

It is established.

It gets it's orders from the top down.

It resists and sometimes even persecutes change and alternative thinking.

It has an agenda.

A good example of the difference is the Theory of Evolution.

Contemporary science says that evolotion is a fact, there is no room for argument.

Classical science says evolution is only one of many theories...some weak some strong....but since man wasn't around to observe or record his origins we can't call it absolute fact.

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